Diary of a Fit mommy

5 Tips For Getting Your Abs Back After Baby

Anyone who has been pregnant, or just seen a pregnant woman, knows that her belly bears the most burden when growing a tiny human. It stretches and pulls to lengths you never knew were possible. While it’s a beautiful thing to know your body is capable of doing this to nourish your baby, what happens when the growing is done?

Unfortunately in most cases, your belly doesn’t just bounce back to flat. Instead, it takes on the texture of a deflated balloon, squishy and saggy. Some new moms embrace this change and are A-OK with their new midsection; others are determined to reclaim their pre-baby abs.

I’m so grateful I get to help these mommies on their quest for abs and I would like to share some of my top habits for getting your abs back:

  1. I love the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen” because it is so true! Did you indulge in lots of ice cream, cookies, or *insert your craving of choice here* during the past 9 months? Good for you! I hope you enjoyed it, but now it’s time to get back on track.
  2. Sugar addiction is real, and can be really tough to break. Try cutting back on the refined sugar each week until it is completely eliminated from your diet. If you get a craving for a doughnut, grab a piece of your favorite fruit, or drink a glass of almond milk instead. You’ll see a difference in your midsection very quickly once you cut the sugar.
  3. A common pain for many new mommies is diastasis recti. While it doesn’t cause physical discomfort per se, it can block all your best efforts at reclaiming your abs. Even if you thought you were doing good ab exercises during pregnancy, they may have done more harm than good. Check out my blog on exercises that can cause the condition here.
  4. Ease back into an ab workout routine (after you get permission from your doctor) and don’t do any exercises that push your ab muscles apart.
  5. Enlist the help of some kick-ab products to tighten and tone your abs. Most doctors recommend 6 weeks of recovery time before jumping back into your pre-pregnancy fitness routine. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck waiting it out.
  6. Get to work on your abs using Vanna Belt’s V-Kit Plus, which you can start right after your baby is born. The kit includes Gel-V, a firming gel that moisturizes and targets loose skin, and applicator that massages your belly while increasing restorative circulation, and the V-Belt, a waist shaper that contours your midsection and restores your abs to their proper place.I’ve been using the V-Kit Plus for the last few weeks and the results are incredible!

Your trainer and friend,