• 12-week training Guide
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Little to no equipment needed
  • Include cardio & stretching
  • Step by step photos of each move
  • Perfect for busy schedules


How to Get Abs | 6 Exercises for a Six Pack

I have been asked so many times the simple question: "how do I get abs?" Oh, if only the answer were that simple! You see, when it comes to abs there are three main areas and priorities that you need...

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Get Rid of Bloating! | Reasons Why You Bloat & How to Stop It

Have you ever found yourself googling “how to get rid of bloating?” Welcome to the bloat world with the rest of us experiencing bloating every now and then. Bloating is a condition that happens when your gastrointestinal tract is filled...

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9 Glute Exercises That Are Better Than Squats

We all know and love the basic squat. Although it’s a legit way to work that back, this move alone won’t get you to your dream butt. Of course, squats engage the glutes, but compound movements such as squats and...

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Sia cooper

I went to nursing school in 2010 and this is where my weight began climbing. By the time of my graduation, I was overweight, constantly sick, and tired of feeling heavy. I was a full-time college student working part time and I was making barely any money to afford anything more than fast food. I had no clue where to start so I decided to educate myself and make a lifestyle change in which I dropped 45lbs in just 9 months, from clean eating alone.

I started my blog as a way to help keep me accountable, and share with others what has worked and what hasn’t. I also used my blog to help keep me accountable throughout my first pregnancy in which I worked out until labor began and gained 30lbs throughout.

Through this website, I hope to motivate and inspire as many people as I can to transform their lives for the better.

Your trainer and friend,