A little about me

I am a nurse turned NASM certified personal trainer. I was once overweight while in nursing school and I changed my lifestyle after watching a Netflix doc called FOOD INC. I went on to lose 50lbs and documented my 50lb weightloss progress in a small blog which gained notoriety fast. I also discovered my love for blogging at this point.. I became a personal trainer after many women started asking me for plans. I saw a demand that needed to be filled! I have a specialization in Women’s Fitness and Fitness Nutrition through NASM as well.

I am a happily married, mommy of two. My favorite hobbies are cooking, creating new recipes, photography, riding motorcycles, and race cars.

where I’m from

I am from Mississippi, but moved to Florida where I met my husband Grady. I love living near the beach and often vacation to Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, taking my family along with me.

I often get asked what my ethnicity is, and after DNA testing, I found that I am mostly Irish, British, German, Asian, and African.

How I became the “fit mommy”

When I became pregnant with my first child, I decided to start blogging again to share my journey and progress with the world as I did back during my 50lb weightloss. I actually quit nursing to become a stay at home mother and to pursue my hobby of blogging. Soon enough, people started asking for workout plans and I decided to become a certified personal trainer through NASM to fill that need. Needless to say, Diary of a Fit Mommy LLC. was created! I was able to keep a fit pregnancy and went viral for having a 6 pack during pregnancy when I was pregnant with my daughter.

now let’s talk about you!

I created my community of SBG Girls who are on the Strong Body Guide which is the main workout and meal plan that I offer. The plan is wonderful for any woman out there regardless of being a mom or not. It also makes a fantastic postpartum program though. We have thousands and thousands of ladies who are on the Strong Body Guide and who see results within the first 12 weeks.



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