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FREE 20 Day Diastasis Recti Challenge: Level One

Ab separation after pregnancy? Keep reading for the best diastasis recti exercises and at-home workouts to heal postpartum ab separation.

How to Improve Diastasis Recti After Baby

Diastasis Recti is very common for many women especially after pregnancy, but most women don’t know how to recover from this ab separation after having a baby. I have written countless articles on Diastasis Recti, created loads of workouts, and even released a 12 week Diastasis Recti program. But a lot of you were wanting a new challenge style workout that you can easily do each day so here it is!

This is a 20 day Diastasis Recti challenge that will be broken down into 3 levels so that you can go at your own pace and choose the best challenge for you. Also, this allows you to progress with ease! This is exactly how my diastasis recti exercise program is based, but my program is more details with many more moves per level.

This simple self-test will help you determine if you have diastasis recti:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent upward, as if you are in the starting position for a crunch exercise.
  2. Place your fingers right above your belly button.
  3. Raise your head and shoulders off floor as if you are performing a crunch exercise.
  4. If you can feel a gap or see a buldging, then you could have a diastasis.

But first… what to avoid?

  • Crunches of all sorts
  • Standard/elbow planks
  • Push ups
  • Quadrupled position (where you are on all fours) if you overextend the stomach
  • V-sit ups
  • Backward bends such as the upward dog in yoga
  • Positions that twist the stomach in way that can strain it– gentle rotations that do not involve sharp twisting are generally ok
  • Pilates 100s or double leg lowers

Are you ready? LETS GOOOOO!

20 Day Diastasis Recti Challenge: Level One

How to:

To complete this challenge, simply perform the moves and reps every day, 20 days in a row. If you would like to do more reps, feel free. When finished with level one, move on to the level two challenge which will be slightly more advanced.

The moves:

  1. Kickouts
  2. Bent Toe Taps
  3. Pelvic Tilts
  4. Heel Taps
  5. Heel Slides
  6. Knee Pulls


  • Take each move carefully and slowly.
  • Practice deep inhalation and breathing with each move.
  • No repeats! All you’ve got to do is what the day says to do.
  • Stop if you feel any excess pressure or any pain.
  • Always consult a doctor prior to beginning any exercise regimine.

Here is a video of each move from the challenge! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more free workouts.

Here is a printable so that you can save, pin to Pinterest, or print for your own personal use.

If you enjoyed this free 20 day diastasis recti workout challenge for postpartum ab separation, be sure to check out my more in depth 12 week workout program to help heal the gap for good!

Check it out here.

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