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It has been over 9 weeks since I removed my breast implants with an explant surgery and healthy has never felt SO damn good. I am officially healed and have no swelling or pain! I have also been able to resume every exercise including heavy lifting and using my chest muscles. Running and HIIT exercise have also never felt better!!

If you followed along throughout my journey, you know the anguish I was in for the last few years, but it all came crashing down last year when I was left almost bedridden by severe fatigue, joint pain, bloating, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, hair loss, and many more unexplained symptoms related to breast implant illness.

Two months post surgery, all of these symptoms have either resolved or improved in some great way. I have also lost ten pounds total without much effort, though I have been able to resume my 5 day a week workouts. My scars have healed so much that they are barely noticeable. I honestly enjoy my new size and I thought I would cry the first time I took my bandages off.. but I didn’t. There is something so freeing about loving myself as I am.

Checkout the video below for my two month update + a list of the ingredients that are in saline and silicone implants. These ingredients were released by DOW after much pressure that was placed on them. Even most plastic surgeons and doctors do not know these ingredients! For more on the ingredients specifically on the heavy metals in implants and what they do to our bodies, click here. For more info and research on the ingredients in general, check this out.

Many of you asked me to re-take my photos using the same outfit I wore on my last trip to Hawaii last November. The trip photos were taken one week prior to my explant surgery and are, in my mind, the images that show me at my sickest moments. It sucked being in suck a beautiful location while feeling like such crap and unable to enjoy it! The new photos were taken today at 9 weeks post op. The biggest change is the loss of inflammation, the weight loss, and CELLULITE loss!

The FDA announced two days ago that ALL (saline, silicone, textured, and smooth)breast implants are linked to the deadly cancer called ALCL. Remember last month, they said it was only textured? Not the case! They even created this letter to all physicians on their site so give it a read. The agency also says at least 457 women in the US have been diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a known risk from breast implants.

Over time, a fibrous scar called a capsule develops around the implant, separating it from the rest of the breast. In patients with breast implants, reported cases of BIA-ALCL were generally found adjacent to the implant itself and contained within the fibrous capsule. THIS IS WHY IT IS VITAL TO FIND A SURGEON TO REMOVE THE CAPSULE AS WELL! Please know that not all surgeons will remove this so it is good to ask for photos and videos for proof. Every implant that is placed inside every body will form a capsule or scar tissue as this is the body’s natural defense against the foreign object.


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WARNING: don’t swipe if you are squeamish. 🤢 After 7 years im officially silicone free! Wow. It’s still hard to take in. Surgery only lasted an hour and a half last night and went well. @jchunmd1 was able to get all of my capsule out and said that the capsules went to my armpits and stuck on a blood vessel which is was scary. Also he mentioned of implant has formed a small contracture which is no good. This usually causes breast pain, chest pain, and cosmetic side effects (my contracted boob was so much smaller than my other). No leaks or ruptured thankfully and I’ll get my implants back in a bag to keep and look at at my post op appointment tomorrow. Hopefully these drains will come out, too. How do I feel today? Slightly groggy, but happy. When I woke up in the recovery room the number one thing I felt was lighter and I could breath deeper. It no longer felt an elephant was sitting on my chest. I look forward to seeing what symptoms approve and what stays the same. The main thing I want to see if a change in my chronic fatigue. I would do anything for that! Thank you guys for the support. I’ll share another update when I feel a little more alive (or at least when I look a little better 😂). I love you guys more than you know. Thanks for your continued love. Checkout @breast_implant_illness for more info #breastimplants #breastimplantillness #breastexplant #explant #plasticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery

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