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How My Breasts Look After Explant Surgery (Breast Implant Illness)

Th wait is over.

Today, I will be showing you the after effects of my breast explant surgery. As most of you know, I have been suffering from breast implant illness for quite some time. Therefore, I decided to remove my breast implants this morning and have been feeling so much better.

I am currently two weeks or so into recovery and I am still a bit swollen and sore. When I first saw my breasts after surgery, I thought I would be devastated. After all, my original plastic surgeon who implanted them told me at a second consult that I would be “disproportionate” if I removed them. Boy, please. 

I went into surgery not knowing what to expect. I did not know if I would improve or if I would even look decent.. but I did. Everything went well and I am so grateful for that. My breasts might not be the same, but to me, they are even better than before. I could of went on and kept my “perfect” breast implants and have been aesthetically pleasing to most while suffering in silence from the silicone poisoning, but I took a gamble because nothing and I mean nothing looks better than a true picture of health.

So here it is! My husband was kind enough to join in on my “boobie reveal” video though the video is much more than just that. In the video, I talk about the implants themselves and how I feel about my new (old) self. My husband also gives his 2 cents from a man’s perspective as well!

Your trainer and friend,