Diary of a Fit mommy

My 12 Week Keto Weightloss Update/Progress

Today marks 12 weeks on the keto diet. I did NOT think I would be living a low carb lifestyle for this long, but in all honesty, I absolutely am loving it. I love carbs-dont get me wrong-but I always found myself gravitating towards meats and veggies than anything else so this has been easier than I imagined.

Along with eating low carb, I have been doing my Strong Body Guide workouts once a day, 5 days a week. I am on my SBG 3.0 which is weightlifting focused, but if you are a beginner, I highly recommend the first Strong Body Guide which only requires 2 dumbbells!

What is Keto? - Elitecare Emergency Hospital

Ok back to keto. Before I started this, I got some “fad” vibes from it. I caught myself thinking, oh great-another stupid low carb diet trap. But after reading the benefits, I decided to become a guinea pig and test it out to see what the buzz was.

Since starting keto, I have noticed:

  • more energy without coffee or supplements (because my body doesnt use gluecose as much anymore)
  • less midday fatigue
  • less bloating
  • more focus
  • weightloss/more muscle
  • better skin/hair/nails
  • less acne

When I started keto, I was 144lbs. I am now 134lbs, 12 weeks later so that makes 10lbs down since beginning this lifestyle. I dont have a goal weight in mind, but my biggest goal was for my clothes to fit better and to feel more energy which both goals have been acommplished. My diet habits were out of control prior to making the switch and honestly, I ate crap and didnt care thanks to stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Here are my progress photos. The first photo was taken back in the summertime of last year when my weight was climbing and the second photo is from today. 10lbs difference.

You may be wondering what a typical meal looks like for me. For breakfast AND lunch, I have been eating QuickFresh meals since they are fast, easy, and are shipped to my house. They are never frozen so you just simply heat them up in your microwave. I highly recommend these as they are keto/low carb/low calorie. Right now, you can get $200 off your first subscription when you use code SIA and click here. Or just simply browse the meals and the snacks to see what it is all about.

For dinner, I usually make a casserole, soup, or something really tasty. I created a blog post with 11 keto/low carb freezer meals a few weeks ago. You can read the blog post here. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you will be amazed at what sweets you can make that are keto friendly. I have made muffins, cookies, candies, and even pancakes!

Well that is honestly it! I am twelve weeks in and I finally am starting to feel like myself again and things are looking up. There is no magic pill to make you lose weight-just good ole moving your body and how you eat!

If you want to learn more about the keto and when I started, read my blog post here which will explain everything you need to know including how to count your carbs, how many carbs, etc. One of my biggest tips to being on keto is to always keep snacks on hand. In the beginning, you will feel super snacky!

I will admit that I have loosened up here and there lately and when I want something, I will have it-in moderation. I am not sure how long this keto journey will last, but I surely did not think it would last this long. I plan on going with the flow, wherever that takes me.

Your trainer and friend,