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FIT FOR TWO: 12 Week Home Prenatal Workout Program

When I walked out of the hospital with a flat belly, people turned their heads and looked so shocked. I constantly was asked, “How did you bounce back so fast?” Keeping a fit pregnancy worked WONDERS for helping me to get back into shape without trying very hard.


There wasn’t a whole lot of exercise options for a pregnant lady a few years ago so I decided to make my own workout plan. So many pregnant ladies out there have no clue what’s safe and what’s not safe in regards to pregnancy workouts so I decided to take the worry and anxiety out of it all!

I have been working on this for almost 7 months now and I am SO proud to announce that IT’S HERE! My newest program, for pregnant mommies, is now on available!


Pregnancy workout plans are so hard to come by so I wanted to make sure to offer something fabulous and doable for you ladies. This workout program is based off of my personal workout plan during pregnancy and what helped to keep me fit throughout those 40 weeks so it is TRIED AND TRUE!


The workouts take less than 3 hours per week and can be done within the comfort of your own home! No gym needed!



FIT FOR TWO is a 12 week home based workout program created specifically for pregnant mothers and is built to keep you lean and strong during pregnancy while also prepping your body for a better labor and delivery.

In the program, you can expect:

  • A trimester specific workout plan broken down into 3 separate phases that you can do from home or anywhere!
  • Over 100 different exercises with photo based step-by-step instructions.
  • PDF format that is available to use on iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle/Computer.
  • An exercise glossary with a detailed written description of each move.
  • Only one set of dumbbells are required.

Don’t forget to take a before and after picture! I would love to see your big sweet bump and then a postpartum photo afterwards to show your hard work to share with my community.

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For those of you who are interested in a nutritional guide for your pregnancy, you may purchase the Fit For Two bundle below which also includes my Eat Clean, Get Lean plan for just $5 more! That is a $15 savings!

Screen Captures

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An example of a few moves:


Your trainer and friend,