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4 Ways to Make Your Period Easier

Periods can suck.. but it is so important to take care of your body while you are menstruating due to the negative symptoms that can plague you. Self-care may be trendy, but managing your physical and mental stress has many positive benefits, especially during “that time of the month.”

Here are my 4 tips to practicing self care while on your period:

Warm yourself up! Warmth is always a great idea when it comes to easing period pains. Obviously a hot bath is always the number one go to, but investing in a heating pad can also do wonders. You can easily DIY your own heating pad at home by placing 1.5 cups of rice in a sock and microwaving for 30 seconds. I also enjoy getting warmth on my period from sipping hot tea or by layering up my clothing.

Get moving. While the cramps may cause you to want to lay in bed all day while binging your favorite Netflix show, you might want to lace up those sneakers and get moving! Studies have shown that exercising while on your period can actually help to ease PMS symptoms while improving your mood! I personally enjoy yoga poses to help soothe and relax me during this time. Running is also a pain reliever for me because it warms up my body and really gets the blood flowing (no pun intended).

Eat well and hydrate. Drinking enough water fights fatigue and dehydration, boosting brain activity, digestive regularity, and hormone regulation. The standard goal is eight 8 oz. glasses per day, when you are on your period, you may need more, so it is important to listen to your body. Filling up on fiber is also a good idea becuase it will reduce bloating and promote healthy digestion. Some options include almonds, apples, artichokes, beans, blackberries, sweet potatoes, and whole grains.

Switch to a period undies. Its no secret that tampons can make your period cramps feel worse and pads are just… yuck. I made the switch to Proof period underwear almost a year ago and I have been so happy with them. Not only is my wallet saving tons of money, but I am also doing better things for my body (tampons and pads are made with chemicals). Also, I am making the planet happier by putting less waste out there into our landills. What is so cool about Proof panties is that they come in many different styles-even a thong period panty!! How it works is mindblowing. Different layers work together in each panty to absorb the blood without any leakage. Then you wash them and use them all over again!

Ive been asked a few times if the panties actually feel wet as you bleed-no they dont! The Quik-wick layer pulls moisture away to leave you feeling as clean and comfortable as possible. Some other period panties tend to leak at the edges but these do not due to the patented leak-loc edges. Pretty cool huh?

As far as options go, they offer black and nude for colors. As far as absorbent options here’s a few. Keep in mind there are even more options than this:

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  • Thong- holds 1 regular tampon of blood (my favorite!!!)
  • Leakproof brief-holds 3 regular tampons of blood.
  • Leakproof mesh hipster-holds 4 regular tampons of blood.
  • Leakproof hipster-holds 5 regular tampons of blood.
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Period panties aren’t just for blood-they are amazing for bladder leaks as well!

Read my original blog about trying them out the first time by clicking here. Visit their site and use code SIA10 to get 10% off your order and try them out!

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