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Greyson’s Fortnite Themed 7th Birthday Party

This past week, my son turned 7… freaking 7 years old! I cannot even begin to believe it. Every year, I do a themed cake and party so this year he chose Fortnite. I always have fun with themes. Once he or my daughter tells me what they want, I jump into action to bring it to life. I did not do as much as I normally do this year, but it was just as special so I will share the details with you all!

Lets start with the cake. I found two designs I really loved, but I could not decide between either so I asked my baker if they could do a half and half cake. It came out sooo good!

As another snack I did make some DJ Marshmello marshmellows which I used basically black icing and a paintbrush for. Super easy.

For more snacks, I bought these cute Fortnite llama popcorn boxes and filled them with popcorn. I also bought these Fortnite medkit labels and covered Hershey bars with them which was as nice touch. For the main meal, we did pizza and wings!

Next, for a bulk of the play and fun, I decided to do a jumping house for the day which was rented.

For the backdrop, all of it was ordered via Amazon. It took me and a friend almost 2 hours, blowing up all the balloons and assembling them, but it was soooo worth it! It was only $15 yall!! You can find it here.

For games we did a Fortnite pin the tail on the llama (not pictured) which you can find here and also the Fortnite llama loot pinata which was a huge hit!

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Fortnite was a little challenging to do since I was not familiar at all with it, but I pulled it off without spending tons of money. Plus, Greyson was thrilled about it and so were his friends. Until next year!

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