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I Used Period Panties & Here’s What Happened

We all have all seen the ads for period panties in our newsfeeds, but how many of you ladies have actually tried them? I remember being sooo curious about them and thinking, “wow an underwear that holds blood? Creepy.

I finally decided to take the plunge and try Proof panties. Not only are these panties made for periods, they are also made for those whoopsie moments where postpartum mamas might leak a little after coughing, laughing, or simply jumping. Bladder leakage is NO one’s friend! I have also heard that these panties work well for the newly postpartum mama in the hospital right after delivery so this might be a good addition to that hospital bag and a nice replacement for those mesh panties they give you!

I wanted to try these period underwear because I was so intrigued by the zero waste aspect-no pads or tampons adding to some gigantic landfill somewhere so they are eco-friendly. I cloth diapered my kids and somehow I was feeling very guilty for not controlling what I could with my own sanitary products.

I was sent three strengths to try: heavy, medium and super light. They also offer super heavy and light options as well. My first impression after seeing the underwear was “how on earth does this hold blood?” The panties were awfully cute for period wear, some featuring lace and even a thong panty available (I need to snag that one for my period workout days, by the way).


When I tried on the panties, they fit comfortable snug and felt just like real panties-well, because they are. It did not feel obvious that I was wearing period panties and I was so much more comfortable than if I had been wearing a pad or tampon.


My biggest fear when trying period panties were: leaks. To my surprise, I did not experience any! After my first day of using the period panties, I WAS HOOKED! Contrary to popular belief, I actually feel cleaner using reusable period underwear vs. disposables like pads or pantiliners. It’s a WHAT IS THIS SORCERY moment when you realize you’ve been bleeding for hours and barely even feel any dampness in your downstairs.

I remember looking down after bleeding and thinking, “where in the heck did all of my blood go?!”

The secret is all in the layers that you wouldn’t even know (or feel) existed! Here is an example of the inside of a super heavy Proof panty. Where does the blood go? The liquid/moisture is wicked away from the body by the Quick-Wick liner. These undies are constructed with a one-way transfer gusset that pulls liquid into the absorbent middle layer and keeps it there, so you stay comfortable and dry.

Here’s what I like about PROOF period panties:

Feel – Proof panties feel just like regular underwear. The signature lining is only a little bit thicker than regular undies.
Fit – Proof panties are super comfy and snug where they need to be, but not tight at all. They offer hiphuggers, thongs and everything in between.
Material – Love that they have organic cotton options!
Use – My heavy days are over (thank goodness!) but Proof panties are great for light days and as backup on days when I’m not sure what’s going on. Sometimes things are irregular and I spot alllll the time.
Care – They are machine washable and easy to care for (rinse after use, then cold water wash, line drying is recommended.) They are so easy to keep clean!
Sustainability – Did you know the average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime? Wearing Proof period panties can help cut down on that waste.

These undies are not only perfect for women-they are great for teens who are just starting to get their cycle. I will never forget the time I sat in math class and someone pointed out that I had a blood on the back of my jeans and I was so embarassed to get up! I was mortified.

Also, it is sooo nice not having that pad bulge to worry about. Also these panties are great for working out and helps with sweat thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric that also reduces odor.

I know you are probably wondering how these compare to the THINX brand and other brands. I have not tried THINX period panties, BUT I have heard that many women experience leaking with them due to the side panels not being absorbent. This is something that the Proof company noticed and improved. Apparently they improved it so well that they have a patent for it!

Use code SIA15 for 15% off all PROOF panties.

Bottom line: I can pull on a pair of PROOF panties and workout or live my life without having to worry about leaks at all! Get them! It will be an insane upgrade on your old period panties. Be mindful of your personal flow, but I’ll definitely be wearing them tampon-less.

Your trainer and friend,