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4 Reasons Why I Decided to Announce My Pregnancy Early

Yesterday, I announced my 2nd pregnancy at just 4 weeks and 5 days along. But, I know what some of you are thinking: “Wow, that’s might early!” 

Yup. It surely is.

So, why announce when a majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester? Well, yesterday, I briefly said that I wanted to celebrate my baby’s life-no matter how far along I was. As Dr. Suess said, “A person’s a person no matter how small.”

That’s so true. In today’s society, a baby sometimes doesn’t become “real” until you see and hear the heartbeat for the first time or once it grows limbs and resembles an actual baby. Everyone probably has their own idea of it, but to me, a baby is a baby once conception takes place.


Not everyone is as comfortable as I am with sharing the news early and we each have our very own reasons, which is totally fine. We do what’s best for us and our family. There’s no right or wrong time to announce. But it should not be taboo to announce early.

“So, what if you miscarry? Won’t you feel silly or even more upset?” Not even close. I will be glad to have acknowledged my baby’s existence and to share he or she with the world. Would it be painful to tell all of you that I lost my baby? Absolutely. Incredibly. Extremely. But you just have to have faith.


Here are 4 reasons why I chose to announce my pregnancy early”

  1. I suck at keeping secrets. Make that, both my husband and I! We were just way too excited about this new life. I literally HATE keeping secrets, especially from the ones who I love most. I wanted them to share my joy of finding out as well. I wanted the world to know! It is such a miracle to get pregnant to begin with and it’s so amazing to know that I will be growing another human life!
  2. I want a support network. I told my husband the night that I found out. Part of me thought to wait until I was a little further along, to spare him the grief if I did happen to miscarry, but would I really want to go through that alone? Absolutely not! I would need his support more than anything. Losing a child during any point of a pregnancy is incredibly painful to endure so I cannot imagine NOT having a support network around (friends, family, spouse, etc). The support also includes you guys. If something were to happen, I would need your support even moreso than during my pregnancy. Support is such a powerful tool, yet SO underused during pregnancy.
  3. It felt natural. When you know it’s time for you to announce-trust me-you’ll know. I am naturally a very open person. I mean, come on, I blog about my LIFE for a living lol. So, it only makes sense for me to tell all of you guys (aka the world) about my new growing baby and, to be honest, it feels totally natural! I didn’t want rules to dictate my pregnancy. I wanted to announce when I felt like it! Go with your gut.
  4. Life is too short. Cliche, I know. But about 10%-20% of all known pregnancies end in a miscarriage while 80% of those are during the first 12 weeks. Scary, huh? It sucks sitting around thinking, “Could I be in that percentage” “Will my baby make it?” “What if……..” But no matter how big or small, no matter how many weeks, I want to celebrate this little heart beating. It’s not just some mass of human tissue. It’s a LIFE. Life is short, already as a human. Life is also too short to not celebrate every week of the way with the world 🙂

I admit that after I announced, I felt a little nervous and that is normal. I cannot physically control my pregnancy. It’s just not possible.

But I can control positive thoughts of hope! Thank you all for being a great support and thank you all for the sweet words yesterday. I am happy to share my journey with you all. Thank you for being here for us!

And remember-there is no right or wrong time to announce your pregnancy.

Your trainer and friend,