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How to Conceive Quickly: My 5 Tips!

I have been getting TONS and TONS of emails asking how to conceive quickly.

As most of you know, Greyson was conceived the second month of trying (the first month, I did get pregnant, but miscarried around 4 weeks along) and it only took one month of trying for baby #2.


Before I say anything else, please hear me out: there’s no way to tell how easy it will be for you because each and every female body and reproductive system is made entirely different. For one woman, it may be super easy while for another, it could take months. For most couples trying to conceive, the odds that a woman will become pregnant in any particular month are about 15% to 25%. With that being said, you have a small window to really try for a baby and actually succeed, if you are healthy and able to conceive.

I did get my body pre-pregnancy ready several months in advance because my husband and I (ok, well I) kept pushing off trying because I had so much work to do and I wanted to wait until the perfect time (though there IS NO perfect time). You can read all about getting fit before baby here.

Here are a few of my favorite tips that have worked each time for me to conceive quickly:

1. Use an ovulation kit. An ovulation kit might sound old school, but it will tell you the exact day that you are ovulating-without the need to track your body temp and other annoying things. You will have 7 tests and during the week of your ovulation, you pee on one stick each day. The positive sign will pop up once you are ovulating and then you will know! My tests are below. As you can see, I ovulated on the 29th so this is the day that we waited to try and conceive. It worked!


2. Take Mucinex. This might sound crazy, but I actually heard this tip from a pharmaceutical rep while I was working at a women’s clinic as a nurse. The Mucinex thins your mucus when you are sick, right? Well, it does the same exact thing to your cervical mucus. This allows the sperm to swim more freely and there are less obstacles to getting to the finish line. I start taking the Mucinex one week before my ovulation day and for one week afterwards. Yeah, its a big pill and it tastes funny, but try it with milk or juice.


3. Pay attention to what’s going on “down there.” When your ovulation date nears, your cervical mucous will change. It will resemble something along the lines of egg whites and will be stretchy. So, how do you find this out? You have to touch it and see. “Gross!” some of you may think, but, hey, it works!


4. Track your periods. Using a calendar, online calculator, or even a phone app, you can track your periods by simply typing in or noting the first day of your last menstrual period. So, in this case, it is IMPORTANT to track for a few months and to write those dates down. Since I am still breastfeeding, my period is wacky. I learned my new pattern from tracking my period for 4 or 5 months that I was on a 30 day cycle and my period lasts about 5 days. I used this to figure out my prime ovulation date, in additon to a testing kit and keeping up with the mucus changes. If you do not track with any other method, this is the only and best way!


5. Get into position. The best position for conceiving is the deepest point of entry or doggy-style (though both of my babies were conceived missionary). It honestly varies person to person. Afterwards, make sure you get a pillow and prop those legs upward for at least 15 minutes! Think of it as you are doing an extended Up the Wall yoga pose LOL. I swear this works. How? Well, you are assisting the little swimmers out by moving them further along in the canal. It’s all about gravity, people.


Those are my best tried and true tips. I know, I know-a little TMI! Everything about pregnancy is a little TMI, but people are just afraid to talk about it. Obviously, I am not! LOL. As long as it helps someone who reads this post who is TTC (trying to conceive), then I know I have done my job.

If it takes you longer than 6 months to conceive, I would recommend seeing your physician to get some tests done in order to rule a few things out.

Happy conceiving, ladies!

Your trainer and friend,