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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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I recently decided to upgrade our bathroom. Not a complete upgrade, but just a few small changes to get the most out of our space. It is important to update your bathroom from time to time because this is the place where we go to get clean. However, sometimes, it isn’t always the cleanest place in the house!

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Here are a few small steps to upgrade your bathroom:

1. Invest in new towels. Every few years or so, you should replace your towels to a new set. When your towels start smelling funky, become frayed, or show signs of holes or tear, you should know it is that time to throw them in the trash. Also over time, your towels will become less absorbent and will lose their softness. Nobody wants to be rubbed with sandpaper, right? Invest in a 100% cotton towel as cotton fibers naturally attract water, and can hold almost 25 times its weight in the liquid.

2. Change your toiletries. With time, things expire or wear out and your toiletries are no different! We cannot forget about good hygiene here! Toothbrushes should be changed every 4-6 months or after each dental check up. Loofas should be changed monthly. Razors should be changed weekly. Your hair brush should be replaced once you notice the bristles fraying or becoming damaged. Any shampoos, conditioners, or hair products should be thrown away if it’s been opened for over one year. If anything appears outdated, worn, or old, just replace it!

3. Switch to a better toilet paper. 

By choosing a better, more quality toilet paper for the entire family to use, you can make your experience with using the toilet a better one. With two adults and two young children using the bathroom everyday, I figured it wouldn’t hurt. My 3 year old son is also learning to wipe himself and he needed something a bit stronger and softer to use.

I went to Target to see what I could find and it looked like they did some updating of their own! I could not decide between Target’s new Ultra Soft collection and the Ultra Strong collection so I chose both to try.

Between the two rolls, the Ultra Strong was my absolute favorite! It held true when my son had to go potty and wipe on his own. Unlike other brands, it left him clean and ready to go for the day. However both collections of toilet paper are are septic safe, unscented, and have no added perfumes or fragrances to irritate sensitive skin. They also last quite longer than most brands since the mega plus rolls provide 4.5 times the sheets of a regular toilet paper roll, so fewer rolls are needed!

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