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The Best Baby Registry List Ever

When it comes to having a baby, there’s so much to consider. What does baby need… REALLY?

As the birth of my second child approaches, I can give you an idea of what you may need for your little one-from an honest point of view!

First things first, I would love to share a little tip for all of you mommies to be: sign up for an Amazon.com baby registry! Seriously, I have had my baby registries on Amazon for my last two pregnancies and it’s been the easiest experience ever as they sell (and you can find) EVERYTHING. So you might notice that when you click on the links here on the list, they will direct you to the product on Amazon and that is why. Plus, a lot of times, the products are discounted or cheaper on there anyway.

Not only that, you get free shipping on everything and for all items that are left on your registry, you will get sent a 15% off coupon code to use to purchase them! Sweet, huh?

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The Best Baby Registry List Ever




  • Diapers: This is the time where you will need to figure out whether or not you will use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Personally, I use cloth diapers and have never looked back. They are a MUST in my opinion as they save you around $3,000 per child and my baby has not had one diaper rash to date. If you are wanting a good cloth diaper to add to your baby registry, I suggest this brand or this brand. My son has worn both brands and they are my favorite! Otherwise, if you are going the disposable route, Huggies Little Snugglers are good for newborns.
  • Wipes: If you use any type of diapers, obviously you will need some wipes. I personally love the Honest Company wipes as they are chemical free and works well with sensitive skin.
  • Diaper Bag: My favorite diaper bag ever is Ju-Ju-Be’s First Lady B.F.F. Convertible Bag! I also own the Skip Hop Duo Chevron Bag that my husband personally likes to carry around and also its very gender neutral.
  • Diaper Pail: To hide the stinky stink.
  • Changing Pad: These are great to lay your baby on as you change his or her diaper and trust me-you are going to be changing LOTS of diapers so make sure you invest in a safe and comfortable one such as this.



  • Infant Bath Tub: Unless you are going to be hopping into the bath each time you give your newborn a bath, you will definitely need an infant bath tub. This is my personal favorite as I will be using it all over again with baby #2.
  • Baby Wash & Shampoo: You will need a baby wash gentle enough to soothe your baby while gently cleansing away old milk and such. I love the Honest Company’s wash! It is perfect for sensitive newborn skin and chemical free. Oh, and for those of you looking for a baby lotion, I love Burt’s Bees.
  • Baby Wash Cloths: You will need something to wash your baby wish and I recommend these soft bamboo wipes. They actually stay soft over the years!



  • Basic Onesies: I am so serious when I say that you cannot get enough of plain onesies! Your baby will get stains on them, but the fact that they are plain and cheap is the point. I love these ones by Carter’s. When it comes to other clothing, that is all OPTIONAL. Your baby will grow so much over the course of the next few months that you should really be wise on what you choose to purchase during the newborn stage. In a blink of an eye, they won’t be wearing newborn clothing anymore!
  • Socks: Because you do not want your little one’s toes to get cold!
  • Footed Onesies: When my son was a newborn until a year old, he lived in footed onesies. Why? Because they are one piece and EASY to deal with. You don’t need pants and you don’t need socks-it is all built in. Also, some come with a hood so baby won’t even need a hat.



  • Tummy mat: Perfect for tummy time! My son loves his Skip Hop Tummy Time Owl Mat and guess what? You best bet we will be using ours again for baby #2.
  • Play gym: A little different from a tummy time mat, this allows your baby to play while laying on his or her back. There’s lots of hanging toys and fun things to look at. We have this Fisher Price Rainforest one!
  • Baby Einstein musical toy: Though my son is well over two years old, he still plays with this toy. It is perfect for striking the senses of a newborn through sensory sounds and colors flashing. Very entertaining and I love classical music so this was a must have.
  • Baby rattle: Kind of a “duh” thing. I love these Rattle & Rock Maracas!
  • Stuffed animal: Every baby needs something cuddly to grow up. Eventually, it becomes their “safe” thing. I am in love with this Ikea Elephant



  • Baby Carrier: I did not use a stroller for the first 6 months of my son’s life becaus I carried him everywhere. I personally love my Tula Baby Carrier! It comes in a variety of different prints and gently, but securely holds your baby. Some moms often prefer a wrap as to a carrier, but personally I hate taking the time to wrap my baby when I can conveniently secure her in the buckled carrier in just 30 seconds or less. Also, I am so paranoid that my baby will fall out of a wrap! No, thanks. But to the moms who do want a good baby wrap, look into The Moby as it’s the best.
  • Carseat: There are two ways you can go with purchasing a carseat for your newborn: you can get an infant carseat or a convertible carseat. I personally prefer a convertible carseat as it is made to grow with your baby and they can use it throughout the entire time of needing a carseat. Also, it is the most cost-friendly option. All of my carseats are made by Recaro. Being as sports car lover, I know that Recaro is highly respected in the racecar community and is used in some of the most top notch racecars out there-meaning it is BUILT to take a good crash. This makes me feel safe and happy for my little one. The reviews and test crash images speak for themselves.
  • Stroller: I started using our stroller at around 6 months of age, but many parents will find themselves using theirs immediately-especially with more children in the home. I love my BabyTrend Jogging Stroller. I have used it for over two years now and have never had any issues! The tires stay inflated well (yes they are REAL rubber tires, y’all) and I jog with it easily. For a regular type stroller, I would recommend the Quinny Moodd stroller. Its highly stylish, fancy, and pretty damn fascinating to be honest.
  • Car Mirror: I truly believe I would have had more grey hairs if it weren’t for my car mirror. This prevents you from worrying if your rear-faced baby is still breathing or not. It allows you to see them perfectly and reduces the risk of a wreck from you turning around to crane your neck at them.
  • Pack N Play: Loved my Pack N Play and used it all the way up until my son was tall enough to crawl out of it. Yup, you are gonna want one.



  • Crib: How do I say this delicately? You may or may not need one. If you are a co-sleeper or plan on co-sleeping, save your money! If you hate the idea of sleeping with your child then, yes, you may need a crib. If you decide to get a crib and want to save money, make sure the crib is a convertible-meaning it later converts to a toddler bed to save you space and money! This crib actually is a 7 in 1 and converts into many things which is cool!
  • Crib Mattress: Because you will need one if you buy a crib.
  • Crib Sheet: Because you will need one if you buy a crib mattress.
  • Bedside Bassinet: If you do not want to buy a gigantic crib and you want to semi-cosleep, I suggest trying this amazing little thing! This swivel co-sleeping bassinet stays right beside your bed and swivels around to you easily when you need to take your baby out. It’s genius!
  • Rock N Play: As a cheaper option instead of a crib, you could use a Rock N Play. My son used his Rock N Play from the moment we brought him home until he could crawl out of it. We got so much use out of it and I cannot wait to use it again. Also, if there’s something you need to do quickly, this is where you can lay your baby down without worry. Its slanted somewhat downwards to help prevent acid reflux in your baby-not to mention if your baby vomits, she or he is less likely to choke on it. It also vibrates!
  • Sleepsuit: I swear by Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. This suit prevents your baby from rolling from back to belly to help reduce risk of SIDS. Also, it helps them feel swaddled so they sleep through the night.
  • Video Monitor: If your baby sleeps in his or her own room, you will want to invest in a video monitor for a peace of mind.
  • Bouncer: I love my mamaRoo! This thing bounces up and down, rocks side to side, and even features a car ride motion. It can be controlled video an app on your iPhone or Android and has a MP3 hookup to play music for your baby.
  • Swaddle Blankets: These muslin wraps are perfect and thin enough for swaddling! Swaddling was one of the secrets to getting our newborn to sleep through the night.
  • Sleepsack: Don’t feel like learning to swaddle your baby? Simply put him or her in these easy to use sleepsack.
  • Sound: Your newborn baby is so used to hearing certain noises in your womb so when it comes time for you all to go to sleep at night, they are the only ones going “WTF” when there’s peace and quiet. This sound app is what we used on a daily and nightly basis for naps and sleep. My son loved the Vacuum and White Noise sounds.



  • High Chair: Though your baby won’t need it for a few months, it’s always good to put a high chair on your list because they can be pricey. I love our Phil & Ted’s high chair. It’s simple design makes it easy to store so it does not take up a whole lot of space AND there are no cracks or crevices for food to get caught up in so cleaning up a mess is SO easy.
  • Bibs: When your baby transitions to solids, you will need a bib. The end.
  • Meal Time Set: When your baby starts to eat foods, you will eventually need a meal time set. This one is so baby friendly and helps them to develop.
  • Spillproof Cup: We are a big fan of the WOW cups. They are 360 degree spillproof meaning you can turn the cups upside down and all around and you will not see one drop.



  • Boppy Pillow: My Boppy Pillow was what taught me to position my baby for successful breastfeeding! I brought mine to the hospital to use for the first time when I gave birth to my son. You will use this thing for at least 6 months. It is also great to sit on after giving birth to relieve your sore perineal area.
  • Breast Pump: Could not have made it through without my Medela Dual breast pump. This thing pumps both breasts at the same time and comes in a portable tote bag that is discreet.
  • Nursing Pads: I love my Bamboobies nursing pads! They are washable and made of soft bamboo. Trust me-you will want soft breast pads because your nipples will be oh so sore. OH and another thing? These are totally washable! Just throw them in the washing machine and use again.
  • Nursing Cover: Though I did not use it much, I liked the Nuroo Nursing Scarf the best out of all nursing scarves I have ever tried.
  • Bottle Set: If you buy a Medela pump, it only makes sense to buy Medela bottles. My son loved these bottles!
  • Drying Rack: A drying rack for your bottles makes life easier. This is the one we use.
  • Milk Storage Bags: Pumping extra milk and storing it in a deep freezer saved my life some sleepy nights. I love these Medela Milk Storage bags.
  • Nursing Bra: Mom, you will need a good, comfortable nursing bra. I personally loved Bravado as it was easy to unclip during those sleepy nights. However, if your aim is to look cute, try Belabumbum!
  • Burp Cloths: Don’t hesitate to grab a few.



  • Thermometer: You will need a thermometer of some kind to monitor your baby’s health. I personally prefer the FeverFrida as its synced with your phone at night and alerts you (and wakes you) when baby gets a fever. As a backup, you will need a rectal thermomter which is always accurate.
  • Nasal Aspirator: Throw away the nasty little bulbs the hospital gave you to use and try the NoseFrida Snotsucker. This thing sounds gross, but I swear it works better than anything I have ever imagined.
  • Pacifier: Yup.
  • Angelcare monitor: Worried about SIDS? This little monitor senses each and every one of your baby’s movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds, so you and baby can sleep tight
  • Finger Nail Clippers: This has a magnifying glass so you can see the little suckers.
  • Teether: This is the only teething toy you will ever need. You are welcome.
  • Bumbo SeatI used the bumbo a good bit when my son was around 4-5 months old as it did help prop him upward. I personally liked it.
  • Humidifier: A must have for winter for sure. We love our Crane brand Freddy the Frog humidifier, though you can get another animal to suit your interest.
  • Nursery Glider: I do not use mine too often, but when I do, I am reading books to my toddler. I have this one.

I hope you enjoyed the list and that it helps you out in all ways! Just keep in mind that this is a comprehensive list and obviously there’s a LOT MORE or a LOT LESS than you can buy for your baby as its all up to you and what you want!

You’ll notice that most of these items can be found on Amazon– my favorite place to create a baby registry! It has everything you need, is so easy and fun to create your registry and add or remove items as you wish and BONUS: you get up to 15% discount when you buy any of the items on your registry! Also, they offer very easy 90 day returns on registry items, which comes in very handy. 🙂

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