I am FINALLY in the second trimester. As quickly as it arrived, I feel like my pregnancy is going by a bit slower than my last. Or faster. I don’t know-my concept of time is lost these days due to chasing around a toddler all day long and balancing my husband, housework, and my own business.

Somewhere in between, I have my own little personal checklist to keep my pregnancy duties on track so I don’t venture off the path too terribly much. Here’s a fabulous and helpful checklist I made for you ladies who are in the second trimester to use as a guide.


2nd Trimester To Do:

Shop for maternity clothes. Your belly is bigger now, and you may not be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. If you’re on a budget, borrow clothes from mommy friends, or shop wholesale. I love Pink Blush Maternity and I have already began my shopping since my belly is getting bigger faster this second time around.

Find our gender! One of the best parts of the second tri is finding out the gender! Most places offer gender determination as early as 15-16 weeks! Just call around and see who does it. There will be a fee, though. I know my local place charges $75 for a 30 minute session.

Schedule your anatomy ultrasound appointment. This ultrasound is a biggie and takes around an hour. Basically, your ultrasound tech will take their time looking and measuring each part of your baby’s anatomy. If you choose to pass up on the early gender determination ultrasound, this is ususally the time when you will traditionally find out gender. They also look at baby’s important internal organs and make sure the 4 chambers of the heart is pumping normally and the brain is measuring right on point. Don’t worry-they will also make sure baby has five fingers and toes on each hand and foot!

Plan your nursery. During the second trimester, your energy will be higher because you’re finally free from morning sickness and your hormone levels will have normalized. This is the perfect time to plan your nursery and scout for baby stuff, especially because you will have already found out the gender of your baby.

Go to a childbirth preparation class. Lamaze and Bradley classes are popular, and are taken during the third trimester, but these classes are usually filled quickly, so you will at least need to sign up between your fourth and sixth months. I went to a class with my first and I promise you, it did not help me one bit. It helps some women so I would definitely suggest at least trying it!

Create a birth plan. How would you like to deliver, and where? Do you prefer an epidural or au natural? Is episiotomy an option? Who will be present to attend the birth? All these should be part of your birth plan, but feel free to add details as needed.

Choose your hospital and go on a tour! This is where you will give birth. It is imperative that you are comfortable and that its policies suit you. Ask to be toured before you decide. Do not leave one question unanswered. This is YOUR day and you should be comfortable with everything and know all about it.

Tell your employer. Although many moms-to-be inform their employer in the third trimester, it is always better to be prompt. Talk about maternity leaves, benefits and other issues that may affect your job. I am my own employer so luckily I do not have to worry about this one!

Decide on child care. It can be difficult to find a nanny or a daycare center these days, so the search for the best one should be done during this trimester. Decide how you and your partner will be there for the baby, and who will care for him or her when you’re both at work.

Things To Do During The Second Trimester! use this list for tips on what to check off during this phase, from buying a crib to planning your maternity leave. #secondtrimestertips #todolistsecondtrimester #thingstodosecondtrimester: