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Why I Sleep Better at Night: Hyphen Mattress Review

Do you ever feel tired no matter how many hours of sleep that you get? As a mom and fitness enthusiast, I always feel drained of sleep because I stay so active in my daily lifestyle with my job and kids. If I do not get enough sleep per night, I always feel cranky the next day which alters my mood as a mother and wife. Trust me, you do not want to see me cranky! The restlessness also affects my workouts as well as my energy output is usually poor and I feel like giving up easier or possibly even skipping a workout.

There are tons of factors for not getting enough sleep:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Thinking too much
  • Using technology before bedtime
  • Too much caffeine
  • Having a newborn (my case!)

However, one very important factor for not getting a proper night’s sleep that is most often overlooked is one’s mattress.

Here are a few helpful tips to getting a good night’s rest:

  • Get physically active!
  • Turn off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Minimize your daily caffeine intake.
  • Try a relaxation technique such as yoga, stretching, or meditation an hour prior to bedtime.
  • Nix cat naps during the day.
  • Create a routine.

Of course, one huge tip that not many people consider is maybe it’s time to get a new mattress?

We desperately needed a new mattress as the one we had was pushing 10 years or so. I have always heard that you should replace your mattress every 7 years so we were way overdue! Most people will spend at least 2,555 hours in bed every year (averaging 7 hours per night). Multiply that by 7 years and that totals at least 17,885 hours spent in bed! Therefore, it is highly important to choose your mattress wisely because you will be spending a great deal on it so it can greatly impact the overall quality of your life.

I came across Hyphen, a mattress company based out of California. The name Hyphen was conceived because, just like a grammatical hyphen connects to parts of a sentence, their mattress connects the worlds of night and day… of activity and rest. What sets these mattresses apart from other mattresses on the market is that they make the mattress themselves in their own factory (right here in the USA). Since there is no middle man, commission sales, overhead waste, and salesman, the pricing is a lot cheaper than other brands on the market!

We ordered the queen sized Hyphen mattress which retails for just $800. The pricing on all of their mattresses start at $500 and caps at $900 which makes them more affordable than most competitor brands, but with Hyphen, you get more bang for your buck. It was nice ordering through Hyphen as you can avoid having to go to a an actual mattress store and get harassed by an awkward salesman. Personally, I am one to order online anyway!

When the mattress arrived at my door, I was a bit puzzled and taken back to see the box that it came in because here I was thinking the mattress would be huge. My husband and I opened the box and we were so surprised by what we saw next.

IMG_5102 IMG_5103

I look inside to see what looked like a roll up air mattress, but it definitely was not the case. It was an actual queen sized mattress looking back at me! So, we pulled it out of the box and explored this new mystical mattress.

IMG_5104 IMG_5105

We followed the directions to unrolling the mattress which was vacuum sealed and layed it where it needed to go-on our bed frame. We pulled the outer plastic wrap off and it started magically unrolling immediately.


Once it was unrolled, we found the side with a seam and removed the inner plastic wrap.


Right before our eyes, the mattress expanded across the bedframe in less than 5 seconds and BAM! We had a queen sized mattress laying on our bed. My husband and I looked at each other with our mouths wide open in disbelief-we had just witnessed the coolest thing ever!



I had to test it out immediately as I still couldn’t believe my new mattress came folded up in a decent sized box. My son and I pressed firmly down on the mattress and it felt absolutely firm yet soft. Then I had the chance to sit on it and my world was changed. It felt just as nice as our Sealy Posturpedic mattress that we paid over $2,000 for! But this Hyphen mattress is only $800-less than half the price!

IMG_5112 IMG_5114

My husband and I spent one night sleeping on the mattress and woke up instantly refreshed. Grady has suffered from chronic pain due to getting rear ended in auto accidents and he has had 2 back surgeries so for him to say that this mattress improved the way his back felt as he slept was a big deal and proof that Hyphen is good quality.

Let’s breakdown the mattress itself for a second. The Hyphen mattress is hand-crafted using advanced 3-layer construction:

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  • 2” of Custom-Formulated Hyphen Foam
    Custom formulated to provide a host of benefits: responsive comfort, temperature control, anti-microbial protection, motion isolation, and more.
  • 2” of Buoyant Transition Foam
    Specifically selected for its perfect bounce and an uncanny ability to consistently distribute weight across the surface of the mattress.
  • 6” of Orthopedic Support Foam
    Like the core of your body, a strong mattress core supports the rest of the mattress and increases its longevity, ensuring your Hyphen is built-to-last.

My favorite things about the mattress have got to be the:

  1. Dual-point phase change. If your body get too hot, the material will react by absorbing heat and storing it away from your body; if you get too cold it will release that heat back. This helps regulate your temperature to be more consistent through the night so that you sleep better and stay sleep longer.
  2. The Hyphen Foam. It contours to your body without sucking you in, isolates motion but has just the right amount of bounce so you can move easily, provides wonderful, variable support, and sleeps cool.
  3. The 2 layers of antimicrobial protection. This layer is built-in to both the Hyphen Foam layer and the mattress cover itself and protects against dust mites and other allergens, as well as illness causing bacteria and viruses. As a mom who has her kiddos in the bed, I can really appreciate this aspect!


Though I have been caring for a newborn for the last couple of weeks, I must admit that sleep has been better since we got our new mattress in. When you are nursing a newborn, your neck and back hurts from all the holding and bending you sometimes have to do. Also, getting up several times a night sucks, but luckily I easily fall back asleep due to the comfort. I can say that I definitely toss and turn less with this mattress than my Sealy.

Also from a fitness standpoint, I have noticed that recovery has been a lot better since sleeping on the mattress. After a hard workout, your body needs proper rest to repair and to rebuild itself so it makes sense that I wake up without as much soreness since this mattress came into our lives.

Hyphen offers a 100 night sleep trial because they are so confident that you will love their product! If you don’t, you can call or email them within 100 days after purchase and they will refund your money, pick up your mattress, and donate it to charity. How cool is that? But they do suggest giving your body at least one month to adjust to the mattress and to reap the benefits.

Also, your mattress comes with a 20 year warranty to make sure your mattress quality lasts for years.


Overall, my family and I absolutely love our new Hyphen mattress. I really mean it, too. It does not matter if you have had back issues, if you are a mommy, or even a fitness addict-anyone can truly benefit from this amazing sleep aid.

Try it for yourself! Use discount code FITMOMMY50 to save $50 on your purchase!

Disclaimer: I was given a mattress to test. All opinions are my very own.

Your trainer and friend,