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5 Tips to Making Teething Easier on Baby (and Mommy, Too!)

This post has been sponsored by Baby Orajel™, however all opinions are my own.

My little girl recently turned 5 months old this past month and boy, oh, boy have we hit a few milestones!

First, she said her first word which was “mama.”

Second, she started testing out solids.

Third, we started TEETHING! 

Since teething, Everly has been gnawing on everything in sight, in addition to drooling and periods of absolute frustration because her gums are bothering her. We have been having some issues with sleep as well due to all of these issues and so she has been waking up frequently although she had been sleeping through the night prior.

Though her first tooth is still nowhere in sight, most babies will pop their first tooth anywhere between 3-24 months.

Here are my top 5 tips to make teething a lot better on baby (and mommy, too!):

  1. Gum Massages: This was so helpful even though it hurt her a little bit. Massaging the gums actually does help the teeth break through the skin. Use a clean finger and firmly press onto the gum, rubbing back and forth.
  2. Ice: I let Evie start chewing on ice in her mesh feeder and she seemed to really enjoy it! I know it must have helped numb the gums some so that she could feel less pain and discomfort.
  3. Frozen Wet Rags: This is a lifesaver! I would wet one of her baby sized washcloths and freeze them in a ziplock baggy. I would let her teeth as it thawed out. Then I would refreeze it and repeat!
  4. Teething biscuits: Teething biscuits can soothe gums and also get baby ready for their first foods. The biscuits are not really made for eating, but for gnawing on. Most will dissolve easily with saliva so no need to worry!
  5. Baby Orajel™ Elmo Tooth & Gum Cleanser with Finger BrushThis is by far my favorite teething remedy because it involves my #1 tip of gum massaging with oral care. Most people tend to think that oral care only begins after baby’s first tooth, but this is not the case-it should begin prior to the teeth ever appearing because it gets baby ready for “brushing” later on in life. Also, did you know babies can develope plaque on their teeth and gums? It’s true! This product is safe when swallowed because it contains zero fluoride and artificial dyes.


To use the Baby Orajel™ Elmo Tooth & Gum Cleanser with Finger Brush simply cut along the scored line. Next, place your index finger in the finger brush securely. Lastly, apply a small amount of Baby Orajel™ Tooth & Gum Cleanser to the finger brush.


Then, gently brush your child’s teeth and gums, using a circular motion. You can use it in the morning and at bedtime and the finger brush may be sterilized with boiling water or hand washing.


At first, Evie did not know what to make of the gum brushing. She looked at me strangely as I massaged the top gums and the bottom gums.


After a few seconds, she really started enjoying the massage as this helped with the teething pains.


Towards the end of our brushing, she had lots of smiles! We do this twice daily once in the morning and once at night before bedtime to help get into a firm routine of crushing so once she’s older, it will be normal for her. I would definitely recommend this for all babies ages 4 months and older as it’s the perfect companion to your baby’s hygeine routine.

What are some of your favorite teething remedies? Share them below!


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