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6 Red & Green Flags in a Dating Relationship

The last two years, I went back into the dating scene and I learned a ton of things. I found some bad seeds, but I also found some good ones, too. When it comes to dating in this age and time, I find that a lot of people are simply frustrated and I totally get that.

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When it comes to dating around, you are going to find some bad people or people who are not right for you-that is just how the dice rolls. However, no matter what situation you are in, it is very important to arm yourself with the knowledge of what a good relationship is and what a bad one especially is. In this blog, I will be comparing my worst relationship to the best relationship that I have had so far.

6 Red Flags in a Relationship:

Right out of my marriage, I entered an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist filled with red flags. I stayed because I was naive and I wanted the best. I also was afraid of being alone so I fully settled on this person. I ignored those red flags and they costed me a year of my life + anxiety + depression and more. It was the worst relationship (and year) that I ever had. This is why I am starting with red flags first so that you can leave as soon as possible if you notice too many.

They are possessive.

  • They’re easily jealous of anyone else you spend time with
  • They tell you who you can and cant talk to
  • They ask for your social media/email passwords and look through your phone
  • They feel entitled to your time and get angry when you can’t always be there
  • They feel entitled to your body and break boundaries
  • They pressure you into getting serious quickly

In my “red flag” relationship, my partner would get jealous of me spending time with my friends and sometimes even of my own children. He would go through my social media and interrogate me about men who liked my posts and photos and tell me who to delete “or else.” He did not respect any of my boundaries and often gave ME ultimatums. He tried talking me into BUYING a home together one month after dating/meeting. If I ever wanted me time, he would feel insecure.

They constantly put you down.

  • Eye rolling
  • Name calling
  • Guilt tripping
  • Criticizing you (and then saying, “I’m just joking!”). In other words, making fun of you
  • Holding you to unrealistic standards and putting you down when you don’t measure up
  • Belittling you
  • Making condescending remarks

If you are constantly being criticized by your partner, this is called emotional abuse. Even though its abuse, its often swept under the rug or ignored in order to avoid conflict. These are also some key characteristics of a narcissistic relationship. I would always be made to feel guilty about choosing to spend time with my friends and family instead of said person. I would be name called by him and made to feel as if I was constantly in the wrong.

They are controlling.

  • Threatening
  • Gaslighting
  • Demanding to know where you are
  • Trying to control who you hang out with
  • Throwing a fit when you don’t do what they want

I felt as if I were a puppet in this relationship, being controlled nonstop. I had to put up with threats of breakups on a weekly basis. He would say we were breaking, block me on social, and then unblock me to come back. It was a huge form of manipulation that almost drove me crazy. One year he tried to tell me that my kids’ father could not come to MY house fortheir birthday party. When I stood up to him, he made another threat such as he wouldnt show up then. This is called manipulation, folks. If you feel as if you arent living your own life anymore nor making your own choices, chances are you are being controlled.

They are dishonest.

  • they cheat on you
  • they lie about their whereabouts or what they are doing
  • they even lie about the little things

I would constantly catch my partner lying. He was also a big time cheater and would even lie/gaslight his way out of it when I found proof on his devices of him reaching out to a sex worker. They literally just cant tell the truth-even when they are caught.

They lack responsibility.

  • Getting defensive easily
  • Shifting the blame on you
  • Playing the victim card
  • Saying things like, “This is just how I am”, and “I’m like this because…”
  • Refusing to apologize

When they are in the wrong, they dont really like to apologize. When I caught my narcissist ex cheating, he said sorry once and got mad at me because it took me months to trust him again (as if it were my fault). Sure, he did say sorry. But I did not feel it was genuine. Most times, when you are dealing with this type of person, its not. You know a true apology when you hear one. Nothing is ever their fault and that gets old quick.

They are unpredictable.

  • Your partner’s moods and reactions are volatile and always changing
  • You can’t predict how they’re going to respond to anything
  • You find yourself praying that they’re in a good mood today
  • You feel like you’re walking on eggshells

Being moody is one thing, sure. We have our good days and bad days. However, when it changes every single day and their bad moods at aimed at you-that is an issue. I walked on eggshells because when I had an issue, he would get mad at me for bringing it up. It was hard to talk to him about things that bothered me because he would deflect that issue back onto me without acknowledging it. Such as the scenario above when I told him he was not allowed to control my kids’ birthday party guest list. He then reacted in a rage over the phone and told me he was going to put my dog Marlow out on the street. This is not okay-it is abusive-dont put up with that.

As you’ve seen, these are some classic red flags to know and watch for. If there’s just one or two, sure no problem, that can be worked out. But if you are noticing a ton of them and things are not getting better or if you cannot talk to your partner about them while feeling safe and heard, leave.

6 Green flags in a Relationship:

Now on to the good stuff!! The green flags may feel weird at first to someone who’s been traumatized in a relationship filled with red flags. However, its important to familiarize yourself with what IS truly healthy while dating someone.

You can be yourself.

  • No judgement.
  • The relationship feels freeing instead of strained.
  • You like who you are with them.
  • You have healthy hobbies.
  • You dont lose yourself.

This is so important. If your partner cannot allow you to be you, then you are not right for them. You should never have to sacrifice who you are or lose yourself to make someone else happy or to “bring peace” to a relationship. I love that my fiance loves my weirdness and terrible singing, I feel so safe with him and I dont feel any sense of inadequacy. I dont feel judged by him.

You can openly communicate.

  • You handle any disagreements in a healthy way,
  • You feel heard and seen.
  • You find a resolution together.
  • Your partner does not undermind you or talk over you.
  • You work through issues together.

My fiance and I do clash heads sometimes. Who doesn’t? However, I usually always feel seen and heard because he actually LISTENS to me. I love it! We made a pact to never go to bed angry and we have kept that going since we met. Even if he does get angry, he doesnt make me feel small.

You feel challenged in a good way.

  • They push you to do better and be great.
  • They motivate and inspire you.
  • They light a good “fire” within you.

My fiance challenges me to be the best person that I can be. He challenges me to get healthier, be a better mom, grow my business, and to find what makes me happy. We both equally inspire each other and its the greatest thing. If your preson isnt helping you grow, your relationship could become stale. Seek to push each other to higher places.

You feel respected.

  • There’s no name calling or cursing at one another. Instead you speak to each other with love and dignity.
  • There is no yelling or outburts.
  • There is no cursing towards one another.
  • You feel important and honored.

A lack of respect is very clear. Its in the way someone treats you or even speaks to you. Someone who clearly respects you will not try to put you down nor hurt your feelings in any way.

You aren’t confused.

  • There is clarity within the relationship.
  • You know where your partner stands and vice versa.
  • You know the status of the relationship at all times.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist left me so lost. I did not know whether we would be together one day to the next because things were always so back and forth. I lost who I was and never felt more confused in my life. But in a healthy relationship, you will know where you stand with that person and can rely on a steady future.

You are supported.

  • You can turn to your partner when you are in need.
  • Your partner is your biggest fan.
  • Your partner is there for support and you feel you can lean on them.

One of the biggest green flags is feeling as if you are on the same team with your partner. Often times, when red flags are present, you can feel as if its you against them. But you should always be able to count on your other half no matter what-even when mistakes happen.

I hope these red and green flags help you with your relationship. Ive been through it all and I am happy to share with you that good people (and green flags) exist!

Your trainer and friend,