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12 Things to Pamper Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy has take a toll on you- physically and emotionally. While this is a good time to stay active and healthy, it is also a great time to pamper yourself and to get some relaxation in. After all, you ARE growing a baby and you deserve it!

Here are 10 things to help pamper your pregnancy and leave you feeling refreshed and looking as beautiful as ever:

  1. Bio Oil: The perfect stretch mark prevention oil.. so good that word on the street is that Kim Kardashian used it during both of her pregnancies! Personally, I do not leave the house or go to bed without slabbing some on my belly and guess what? No stretch marks with either pregnancy on mine!
  2. Belabumbum Tallulah Robe: This soft robe will leave you feeling like a Goddess after your evening bath. No, really. I find myself wearing mine after my bath each night and I sometimes even fall asleep on it. The lace trim is so classy and my husband adores it!
  3. Stress Relief Bubble Bath: Every preggo needs stress relief bubble bath to help wind the day down at the end of the day. I know I have been taking a bubble bath every night during the 3rd trimester to calm my stresses over having another baby. It helps me to sleep as well!
  4. Belly Bandit: As soon as I delivered my son (within two hours to be exact), I strapped my postpartum girdle on because I wanted to shrink my uterus back down as soon as possible. I wore my girdle for two weeks after delivering and my tummy was as flat as pre-pregnancy by the 5th day.
  5. Lavender Tea: Every mama needs some stress relief tea regardless if you are expecting or not. I have one cup of night while reading in bed as it helps me to sleep and cures my pregnancy insomnia. It’s safe!
  6. Belabumbum Nursing Sports Bra: For the active pregnant lady, you will enjoy having this bra on hand! It helps keep your swollen boobs right in place as you run/jog/do yoga-whatever. This is by far one of the most comfortable sports bras that I have worn during pregnancy and guess what? It is also a nursing bra too!
  7. Maternity Leggings: I wear these leggings 4-5 days per week-just gonna throw that out there. They are lightweight, supportive around the belly, make my booty and thighs look good, and they aren’t that see through at all. Every pregnant lady needs these!
  8. Skinceuticals B5 Gel: This stuff has not only saved my dry pregnant face, but it has helped me to GLOW. It is so hard trying to find skincare products that are safe during pregnancy to help take care of dryness and wrinkles. This stuff is natural and I swear by it.
  9. Maternity Shapewear: Feeling huge and fluffy all over? I call these my maternity “Spanx” because they smooth out my hips, buttocks, and thighs for when I am going out on a nice date with my husband. It also helps me feel more confident and secure in my changing pregnant body. A must have for sure as it also includes belly support.
  10. A Good Book: YES! Reading is part of relaxing and you will need a good book to settle down to. I personally love Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy because it’s not only hilarious, but it sheds some truth on the real side of pregnancy that you can probably attest to.
  11. Maternity Support Tank: Every preggo needs a good support tank to go with her leggings to wear to lounge around the house or out on a date. This tank is so versatile! I can pair it with a blazer or wear a cardigan over it. Since it’s summer, I will probably just wear it with some leggings or jeans! It makes my belly feel so much better as it lifts my growing baby off of my bladder! HA!
  12. Nail Polish: I realize it might have been quite some time since you were able to see your toes, but as badly as my feet hurt and swelled during pregnancy, there was always something about painting them (and my fingernails) that put a little smile on my face each day. My husband did have to paint my nails at some points.. and he did a good job!

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