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How to Survive Life the First 10 Days With a Newborn

My little girl is now over a week old and we are adjusting to round two of doing the whole “newborn stage” again. It is just as exhausting as I remember it being the first time around, but the difference this time is that I am prepared for it and know exactly what to expect. However, for a new parent, it could be mighty overwhelming and hard to deal with emotionally-and physically-as you feel drained 100% of the day. I am here to tell you that this time will pass quick than you might realize even though the nights seem longer than ever.

Here are my tips to surviving the first ten days with a newborn baby:

Forget a clean house for now. Seriously, forget about it. I know you are sitting on the couch feeding your baby and pouting at the mess around you, the dishes piled up, and the unfolded laudry that has been sitting in the basket for days. But you have got to forget about it for now. The chores can wait-you as a mom need to adjust to your new role as a mommy because that is most important right now.

Find your new routine. The key to surviving the newborn stage is finding your new routine. Sure, you had a routine during pregnancy, but that has long gone away and now you need to find new ways to adjust properly to this new role as a mommy. Let me say this-you will not develop a routine over night! It just takes time and going with the flow. While you cannot force your newborn to sleep, you can help them adjust to a routine that they will eventually start following over time. It could be something as simple as going to bed at 8 or 9 or making sure your baby’s feedings are every two hours or so on the hour at the same times every day. Or a nightly bath around 7pm-whatever best suits your schedule and life! If you have a routine, you will feel less stressed.

Get some you time. Even if this means sneaking away to get a 10 minute shower while your husband watches your newborn, DO IT. I made the mistake of now showering for a week after my son was born and I became a mommy. I was scared to miss out on any time with him. “But what if he needs me?” was always a popular question in my mind when I debated if there was something that I needed to do. This time around, I showered the day we got home from the hospital and haven’t missed a shower since because I made it a priority. I needed that little time to escape and to enjoy some peace and quiet. Momma, do not feel guilty. Go take a shower.

Do what you want when baby sleeps. Have you ever been told to sleep when the baby sleeps? Well, that is just about as useful as being told to fold the laundry when baby folds the laundry. What a joke, right? When baby sleeps, sure you can sleep! However, I personally use that time to do things that need to be done such as my work or chores around the house. Hell, sometimes it just means taking time for myself! Don’t listen to what anyone else says and do what you want to do when baby sleeps. A happy momma is key to surviving the newborn stage.

Ask for help. Please do not forget to ask for help. Chances are, there are so many people just waiting for the word, but do not want to bombard you during this precious time. I ask my husband for help all of the time especially at night when I just have zero energy to get up with Evie. If you do not get help, you will get highly overwhelmed and you may get depressed or even feel resentment in your new role as a mom.

Know this too shall pass. When all else fails, know that your newborn won’t be new for long so try to enjoy every moment-even the most overwhelming and exhausting ones. You will look back with regret if you do not take the time to stop and smell the roses. There will come a day when you won’t be able to rock your newborn to sleep, you won’t be able to give them unlimited kisses, and you won’t have them under your roof anymore. If you are lucky, they may drop by once a week to come see you. It’s just life and it’s cruel so try to enjoy every moment.

Your trainer and friend,