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6 Inner Thigh Exercises That’ll Tone Your Legs Like Crazy

Im going to show you the best 6 exercises that will help to tone your inner thighs! This has always been my problem area, but I am so happy to tell you that with time and dedication, you can firm up this area completely and build lean muscle.

These 6 exercises are my absolute favourites and will tighten and tone the muscles in no time. Remember, eat a clean and balanced diet to see optimal results and perform cardio to burn fat.



Instructions: Complete each move for 15 reps each. Perform 3 sets total.

Plie Squat Pulse

  • Start standing in a wide squat. Keep your toes slightly turned out, too.
  • Bend your knees into a slight squat and lift your left heel so you’re on your toes. Keep your right foot flat on the ground.
  • Lower your butt a few inches toward the ground while keeping your chest up and spine straight. Continue pulsing up and down for 15 reps.

Plie Squat Jumps

  • Stand with your legs about two feet apart, toes turned out, and hands on your hips.
  • Rise onto your toes, bend your knees, and sit back, lowering yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Jump off the ground, bringing your feet to hip-width apart and landing softly on your toes.

Low Side Lunges

  • Stand up straight, facing forward with legs wider than hip width apart.
  • Lunge down to the right side and, without coming all of the way back up, quickly lunge to the left. Your hands will be placed firmly down on the mat in front your body for support.
  • Repeat and alternate.

Side Lunge + Knee Up

  • Stand up straight, facing forward with legs hip width apart and hands on hips.
  • Lunge to the right side and come back to standing position. As you stand, lift your right knee upward.
  • Come back down in a right side lunge.
  • Repeat on other side.

Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

  • Lying on your side, lengthen your bottom leg and cross your top leg over it. Rest either your knee or foot on the floor.
  • As you exhale, lift your bottom leg up, and inhale as you lower it back down.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Squat + Calf Raise

  • Lower your body into a normal squatting position, hands on both hips.
  • Lift up your right heel as you stay squatted.
  • Lower your heel and alternate sides.

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