Diary of a Fit mommy

Why You Don’t Need a Gym (to Get Fit)

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that I have only made it to an actual real gym only 2 or 3 times since giving birth almost THREE YEARS ago? Well, it is true.


Prior to and during pregnancy, I was at my local gym 5 days a week-rain or shine. I did not own one piece of gym equipment so working out at home was not even in my mind. But once baby came, I realized that my once perfect gym routine had become non-existent.



I actually did not get back into lifting and hardcore training until 12 weeks postpartum. Why? I had trouble realizing that I couldn’t make it to a gym and that I needed a new plan since my old routine had been derailed. So, I realized sitting around and using the no-gym excuse wasn’t cutting it; therefore, I put a new plan into action: creating a home gym!

Now, building a gym from home might be a farfetched idea to some since it does take a little money to do, but just think of all the money you will be saving from not having a gym membership to pay monthly?

The biggest benefits of creating your own home gym are:

  • saving monthly on gym memberships
  • not having to wait on other people at the gym
  • the convenience of not having to leave the house
  • the ability to workout whenever you want
  • the ability to workout with your kids nearby (if you are a mommy)
  • privacy and comfort
  • no excuses

Here’s what I personally have in my home gym:

  • NordicTrack Incline Trainer
  • Vicore Core Ab Bench
  • T-Grip Barbell with weights
  • 2 medicine balls (different weights)
  • 2 kettlebells (different weights)
  • 2 sets of dumbbells (different weights)
  • A huge set of resistance bands
  • Fitness ball
  • Equilizer
  • Foam Roller
  • yoga mats and blocks

Though this is all great to have, please keep in mind that you do not need a whole lot of equipment to get fit. The equipment just helps you along!


What you need is honestly up to your goals. You do not have to get a treadmill though its nice and convenient when the weather is blazing hot or freezing cold, but running will always be a free form of cardio. Obviously, if you want to gain a substancial amount of muscle mass, you will need weights at some point. But, using your own bodyweight is a fabulous and free starter!

Did you know that you can get your fitness in and bond with baby at the same time? Baby makes the perfect added weight and makes things even more fun! Here is a 5 minute at home workout that you can do while holding baby!

I will show you just how easy it is to use your own body weight to get toned, with this at home Inner Thigh Workout video:

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Your trainer and friend,