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When Your Child Wants to Be a YouTuber | Cypher Coders Review

I asked my son the other day what he wanted to be when he grows up. I ask him this ever so often and over the last few years, he has always said he wants to be a cowboy. However, now that he is 8, my son wants to be a YouTuber. At first, I rolled my eyes at this, but then I realized-its not much different than MY job. Whether or not he accomplishes this, I felt it would be fun to enroll him in a free coding class! After all, I started off as a blogger and I would’ve wished they had simple courses for me to learn as a kid.

Why teach kids to code? 67% of new jobs in STEM are in computing, and the importance of technology in industry is only going to increase. National computer science curriculum in schools doesn’t keep up with progress and trends in the tech industry. The tech world is booming and its safe to assume that the next generation will need technology skills, as well as other general skills, such as creativity, communication & collaboration. My son is in private school at the moment so I was shocked when they taught him to use a computer in Kindergarten, but most other schools such as public school don’t teach computer use anymore until the later years.

We were so excited to try the Cypher Coders free coding class! Cypher Coders offers weekly 60-minute online coding lessons wrapped in creative themes, such as art, magic, and sports.Through Cypher’s award winning curriculum each child is introduced to a new theme every four weeks and the complete a project related to theme every two weeks.Parents are able to a pause or cancel their child’s subscription at any time. Lessons are held live via Zoom with a certified Cypher instructor and a small class of 5-6 other kids and lessons will also be recorded to look back on if the child misses one.

When Greyson took his first free kids’ coding class, he was on his zoom sesion with two other kids around his age which was fun. He got super excited when the others started showing up and I was personally excited that it was with a real live teacher. Sessions these days always feel so automated and boring, but Cypher Coders was actually fun! In his first session, he learned how to make a character. Apparently the theme changes every four weeks to keep learning fun and fresh.

If you choose to continue the weekly coding class after the free session, you will create a new project every two weeks with other kids. These projects will either be games or animations! You dont have to attend every single session, but the meeting times are super flexible to fit into your schedule.

I would encourage every parent to sign their kids up for this amazing experience. I mean, IT’S FREE!! Sign your kiddo up for a free coding lesson here to get their first taste of coding.

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