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Welcome to my TTC Bundle from Beli

I have always taken prenatal vitamins. I learned the trick while I was in nursing school from a friend who swore by it for healthy hair growth. And of course, throughout my two pregnancies, it was a no-brainer so stay on them. But unfortunately, not every prenatal vitamin is created equally.

I was introduced to Beli prenatal vitamins a few months ago and I cannot begin to tell you how much I truly love them. I actually wrote a blog on just the prenatals which you can read here. Why do I love them so much? Simply put: it’s made with ingredients that you actually need to support not only a healthy pregnancy, but also a healthy delivery as well. If you are TTC or trying to conceive, it boosts your fertility and improves your egg health which is so vital!

In the next year or so, I will be embarking on my own pregnancy journey (for the third time) via IVF with my soon to be husband and you bet that Beli will be my BFF. It will also be my husband’s BFF, too. They offer a men’s prenatal! That is right. It helps to increase sperm count, improve sperm quality, and improve egg penetration. If you are on a TTC (trying to conceive) journey, I would highly recommend this for your partner as well.

That isn’t even the most exciting news….. Beli has launched a new product: Beli Collagen Protein Boost. As a mega fan of taking my collagen every morning in my coffee, I cannot say how thrilled I am about this! Just one scoop of Beli’s prenatal collagen protein boost provides the recommended amounts of pure protein plus essential amino acids needed to support baby’s growth and nurture mama during preconception, pregnancy, and post-partum recovery. This is the perfect companion to your prenatal workouts!

You can throw this powder into a smoothie or add it to your protein shakes, but I personally enjoy a scoop in my morning coffee!

How does it help exactly? It helps to maintain balanced blood sugar and promotes healthy pregnancy weight. Collagen protein is easier to digest, can reduce nausea symptoms, and boosts immune system. But that’s not all… this supplement also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, supports healthy hair growth and recovery, repairs and regenerate tissues. It can also help reduce stress and balance hormones to alleviate some mood disorders.

As always, Beli Baby goodies are made with the best ingredients. No hormones, non-GMO, and science backed.

Beli prenatal vitamins are only $50 a month for a 30-day supply subscription. The great news is that you may cancel anytime, there is free shipping, and if you dislike it they will pay for it.

Use code SIAC for 15% off and click here to shop all Beli goodies.

Your trainer and friend,