Diary of a Fit mommy

We Need to Talk.

Hi guys. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I have had a lot on my mind and I wanted to take a few days to not only enjoy the holiday with my family, but to mull things over before making a statement on the matter.

This past week, it was brought to my attention that an image that I posted on social media (IG, the blog, & Pinterest) was untruthful in regards to the condition Diastasis Recti. I recently launched my DR program a few weeks ago and wanted to convey the healing power of exercise and what it can do for the postpartum body.

I researched images to portay this very aspect. I saw one image and thought to myself “HOLY COW!” I was so amazed at the results! I didnt know whom owned the image (or else I would have credited them), but I did find the image as I was looking at diastasis recti repair. I found it here.

I posted this image with a caption stating how pregnancy can cause this condition and what it can look like. I also stated that my new diastasis recti program was made to help heal the gap for the clients who have asked about it. However, I never once claimed that the woman in that photo was my client or that the results were associated with me or my program. I simply used the image as a teaching example of how ab rehabilitation could fix this condition. My intent was never to misuse this image nor deceive anyone, but I can now understand how it can be portrated as such which is highly problematic. We already have enough deceit in the online fitness industry and I would hope my long time followers would know me to never be a part of such things.

BUT…. here’s the kicker that I did not know about… ready?

The image was from a TUMMY TUCK/DIASTASIS RECTI REPAIR. Not exercise. And I had zero idea. YIKES… You can only imagine how felt when I found this out. The extreme ignorance on my part was baffling to say the least.

Then came the backlash. I had my social media team take control before I left town earlier this week since I would not be online much-before the drama-and they blocked every harassing comment + placed my page on private due to amount of threats and hateful comments that my family and I have received. I ordered the image to be taken down as I researched the issue as soon as I got settled and off the road.

I am not saying this was the appropriate action-but I panicked and was quite frankly embarassed and rattled. This was also a frightening experience and I have definitely learned a lesson from my mistake. The origin of the photo came from this blog and her story is incredible. (she also does financial coaching by the way!)

So here I am. I am stepping out and owning up. I never meant to mislead ANY one. I apologize to the original owner (Lisa Schader) + any of you ladies that I have let down. I promise you realness each and every day-that is part of my job and I really hate that I missed the mark here.

If anyone would like to reach out and chat about this, feel free to fill out the contact box here on my site as I do not check DM’s often. If I have personally angered you, please let me know so I can make this right. Your opinion matters to me.

Thank you all for listening.


*I’ve tried messaging the owner but haven’t heard back from her.*

Your trainer and friend,