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Trying on the Kita Hands-Free by Orthofeet

I am so excited to partner up with Orthofeet once more. This time around, I am testing out their new Kita Hands-Free shoe in the color white. Their patented slip-on system allows me to put on my sneakers without ever bending over which is so nice for my back! It also makes it super convenient to get up and go. Not only that, look how cute they are??

When I slip these on, I feel as if I am walking on a cloud thanks to the Ortho-Cushion™ System with a premium orthotic insole and an ergonomic cushioning sole that softens impacts, improves the ease of walking and adds spring to your step. The Kita Hands-Free shoe also feature a non-slip sole which is great to maintain safety. At this age, I would not want to be falling down anywhere!

These shoes aren’t just for comfort-they actually help alleviate issues from: flat feet, bunions, Diabetes, heel spurs, gout, hammer toe, plantar fascitis, and more! I seriously cannot wait to wear these things when I am pregnant again when I have swelling feet. Ha!

The Orthofeet Kita Hands-Free shoe features:

  • Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support (removable) re-align the foot and entire body posture, enhancing comfort and helping alleviate heel & foot pain.
  • Arch Booster can be added under the insole to enhance support under the arch.
  • Patented slip-on technology for Hands-Free wear.
  • Water-repellent uppers that are easy to clean.
  • Wide toe-box alleviates pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes.
  • Soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays eliminates irritation and provides superior protection for sensitive feet.
  • Stretchable knitted upper forms to the contours of your feet, providing a customized, pressure-free fit.
  • Cushioning sole with a mild Rocker improves the ease of walking and adds spring to your step.
  • Slip Resistant outsole provides advanced grip & excellent stability.
  • Ideal for everyday activities, fitness & occupational use such as nursing, foodservice & hospitality

I typically do not use the extra accessories, but I save them because I have a feeling I may need them in the future.I think it is nice that each shoe comes with these because they can truly be handy!

If you want to try Orthofeet for yourself, they do offer a 60 day comfort guarantee. If they are not comfortable for you within 60 days, return your pair and get your money back.

Click here to shop Orthofeet and to check out the Kita Hands-Free shoe.

Your trainer and friend,