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Trying On the Dakota Hiking Boots from Orthofeet for Fall

I am so excited to partner up with Orthofeet for a third time. I am a huge fan off their comfortable shoes so this time around I wanted to try out something a little different. This time around, I am testing out their Dakota hiking boots since it is almost fall season. I know from personal experience that most hiking boots are NOT comfy and they are also heavy which ironically makes walking up hills harder. But with these boots, I felt as if I were walking on a cloud thanks to the cushioning heel.

The Dakota hiking boots from Orthofeet are much like their sneakers. The Ortho-Cushion™ System with a premium orthotic insole and ergonomic cushioning sole helps to soften impacts, improves the ease of walking and adds spring to your step. The boot itself is also waterproof which is needed on hikes and outfoors in general. Who wants soggy boots anyway? The dryplex fabric wicks away sweat and moisture making this possible.

Orthofeet Ortho-Cushion helps relieve foot & heel pain and works wonders for sensitive feet, including most mobility issues.

  • Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support (removable) and Arch Booster re-align the foot and entire body posture.
  • Wide toe-box alleviates pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes.
  • Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape.
  • High-quality water-sealed leather keeps your feet dry.
  • Soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays eliminates irritation and enhances comfort.
  • Cushioning sole with a mild rocker softens step and improves the ease of walking.
  • Rubber lug outsole provides exceptional traction and stability for outdoor activities.
  • Boot Height: 6 in Weight: 14.71 oz (Measurements taken using size 7 M. Measurements may vary by size) 

As with all Orthofeet shoes, it comes with spacers to ensure a perfect fit as well as orthotic insoles with an anatomical arch that re-aligns the foot and body, helping ease pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back.

If you experience any type of foot issue such as bunions, neuropathy, plantar fascitis, or even diabetes, Orthofeet is a great brand to turn to. As with all shoes, Orthofeet allows for a 60 day money day back guarantee. If you dont like it or if they are not as comfy as you had hoped, you can return them. But I know you will love them as much as I do!

Click here to shop the Dakota boot and browse some of Orthofeet’s other boots and sneakers.

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