Diary of a Fit mommy

The Perfect Sneaker for a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, finding the right pair of sneakers is so important for my own fitness journey. Something that I look for in a good sneaker is affordability and quality above all things. I am so happy to say, I have found the perfect fitness show!

I was introduced to NORTIV 8 shoes and I could not believe I had never heard of this amazing brand before. I ended up grabbing three shoes from them to try and test out as a result of this cool opportunity to partner up and review each show. I love all three pairs, but I will rank them from my favorite to least favorite shoe.

First up is my FAVORITE shoe the [Cloud Walker]Athleisure Sneakers. I chose this color because HOLY COW is it cute?? It reminded me of cotton candy which I love so I could not resist. If these bright colors are not your thing, they do offer some other fun color combos for these sneakers as well. To be honest, this pair was the most comfortable for lifting and running, The breathable mesh on top promotes optimal airflow that keeps your feet feeling cool and dry. Other features I liked were the fact they were lightweight and featured a supportive heel. I feel this will come in handy with my back pain that I sometimes get while walking! Overall, I would rank this style a 10/10 for sure.

Second up, I am a sucker for anything laveder so I had to grab a pair of these 【Cloud Soft】Comfortable Athleisure Sneakers. The main reason why I LOVE this one is the fact that they are slip ons. This means you do not have to bend down to put them on and it is essentially hassle free! You literally just step into them and they slide right on yet fit snugly. Great for bad backs like mine! These shoes are also lightweight and made of a nice knit material that eliminates the possibility of odors while also allowing your feet to breath. Simply put, this pair of sneakers is just COMFY! I would rate these 8/10.

This adorable black pair of sneakesr are the [Nimbus Clear] Breathable Athleisure Sneakers. I really like the holographic effects on the sides of this pair, but I also love that they come in such fun colors just as the first show I mentioned. Although this is my third favorite, its still pretty amazing. For instance, out of all three, I would choose this one as my prime running shoe due to its ability to absorb shock. Just as with the others. you will stay cool and dry thanks to the breathable and moisture-wicking ice-cool yarn upper that keeps feet ventilated. Something unique about this shoe is the TPU anti-torsion plate in the midsole that enhances stability and support and the full rubber outsole assists with traction. I would rate this shoe a 7/10.

If you are looking for the perfect sneaker for working out, check out NORTIV 8 and browse their selection of cute, function, and stylish running shoes. These sneakers also make great gifts for partners who live an active lifestyle as well! I may grab my husband a pair to match me!

Your trainer and friend,