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The Best Cloth Diapers from Newborn to Toddler

When I first began cloth diapering, I had no idea what brand to use. Actually, I did not know one thing about cloth diapering in itself. I was a certified newbie who wanted to find the very best cloth diaper for my baby boy to be.

I dove headfirst into the cloth diapering world over two years ago as I strapped my first cloth diaper onto my two week old son. His bottom has since worn over 20 different brands of cloth diapers! Why so many? Well, I was so eager to find that perfect one. After all, every brand fits and wears differently on each baby-it is just so hard to tell which one will be your winner!

Some diapers fell apart immediately.. while some I just could not keep from leaking.. and then there were a few that actually WORKED.

I know a lot of you mommies are already on a budget so of course I will not recommend buying 20 different brands of cloth diapers just to try out-maybe 3 or 4 at the most is all you need to try out after reading reviews to make a better decision. It can get a little overwhelming, but I am writing this very post in order to help make things much simpler for you since I went through all of the hard work figuring out which diapers were the best.


Stop Googling “What are the best cloth diapers?” and read this! It all came down to one brand who had it all and I will share that brand with you in a just a moment.


First, here’s how I rank my cloth diapers:

  • Price: How much the diaper costs. Cloth diapering is already costly up front, so I like getting the best bang for my buck without spending a ton of money.
  • Effectiveness: How well the diaper works. Does it leak all of the time? Does it hold blow outs? Does a diaper change last you a good while before having to change again? After all, we all want a diaper that works like it’s supposed to.
  • Durability: Does the diaper wear and tear easily after use or after each wash? You will have to wash this diaper anywhere  between 55-160 times per year so it better be durable!
  • Sizing: Is the diaper true to sizing? Does it fit well? Too snug/too loose?
  • Ease of use: Is the diaper easy to fasten/button? Is it a pain to use?

I am very picky when it comes to my cloth diapers because if I am paying good money, I want good value. I also want my son to wear a diaper that lasts and that does not fall apart. Who doesn’t want the best for their family, right?

I often get asked, “What brand of cloth diaper should I use?” Before ever determining a favorite brand, you really should decide what type of cloth diaper you would like to use. I personally prefer one-sized because they are cheaper and you need less of them as opposed to fitteds which are sized. After deciding a style of diaper, you need to decide on a style. I personally love pocket diapers.

Here are a few styles of diapers you will notice:

  • AIO (All In One)
  • AI2 (All In Two)
  • Fitteds Cloth Diapers
  • Pocket Cloth Diapers (my favorite)
  • Prefold Cloth Diapers
  • Covers

Yeah.. I know what you are thinking. “Wow, I am so confused now!” After reading about each type of cloth diaper style, it will help you choose a style that best suits your interest and THEN you can finally move onto a brand.

Okay, okay I will stop rambling. Chances are, if you are already reading this, you have your style in mind and are ready to discover the best brand of cloth diaper (and my favorite).


Lil Bums Cloth Diapers have been my go-to cloth diaper for over two years now. It was one of the first cloth diapers my son ever wore at just two weeks old so he’s made it all the way from the newborn stage to toddlerhood wearing these diapers. You can see the different settings below:

Lil Bums offers 18 cute individual prints and 3 cloth diapering starter kits to choose from as well various cloth diaper accessories. The starter kits are so awesome because they contain not only a set amount of diapers and inserts, but also 2 different sized wet bags, and even a cloth diapering manual that will save your life when you have a problem or question!



I have been fairly pleased with them the most because they meet all of the criteria that I look for:

  • Price: At just $13.99 per diaper, Lil Bums is one of the cheapest, best priced cloth diapers on the market today. But, their cloth diaper starter kits are an even better deal as they offer discounts of up to 20% off. That’s in addition to their 10% off coupon that they offer on their homepage just for signing up for their newsletter. I cannot tell you how much money I have saved by buying these diapers!
  • Effectiveness: For two years now, I have barely had any leaking issues with these diapers. My son is a heavy wetter so this says a LOT. He has also had countless major poops that have been saved by the diaper (thank goodness). This diaper just works like it’s supposed to, but unfortunately I cannot say that for all cloth diaper brands.
  • Durability: After over 250 washes (estimate) over the last 2+ years, these diapers are still together. They actually look pretty darn new, in my opinion! The snaps are solid and the stitching are intact. The gussets are perfect as they were the day I bought the diapers. I am so confident that I will using the same diapers for when my daughter is born! The microfiber and bamboo cottom inserts are also in good shape and hardly ever stain.
  • Sizing: The sizing is right on for a one size diaper. They fit standardly from 8-35lbs and my son was born at 8lbs 7oz so they were perfect and they have grown perfectly with him. The diaper fits snugly around his front and back. There’s nothing weird about it!
  • Ease of Use: Most of all, these diapers are easy to use. You learn after a couple of tries what button setting works best for your child. Once you figure it out, all you have to do is snap them on! I have gotten to love these diapers so much that I use them even when we are traveling or out and about!

Lil Bums Cloth Diapers have made my life so much easier when it comes to saving money and cloth diapering my son. It really takes the confusion out of cloth diapering which makes this brand perfect for beginners-or anyone for that matter! Because, who really has time to sit around all day and figure it all out when you have babies? Not me!

To start your cloth diapering journey, I always suggest that you should own at least 24 cloth diapers.

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