Diary of a Fit mommy

Staying on Track with Sick Kiddos

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pure Protein. All opinions are my very own.

As a mom, do you ever feel so blindsighted by obstacles that completely and unexpectedly throw you off your usual course of action or deviate you from your regular routine? I am talking about derailers here. They can happen anytime, anywhere, and unfortunately it can be difficult to plan or prepare for them!

Over the past week, my son got Hand Foot & Mouth Disease from child care for the second time this year. Oh boy. This meant that I not only had to keep him home for a few days, but I also had to juggle my business, taking care of myself, and now him, too.

I’m not going to lie-I was very unprepared as most mothers are when they get that dreaded call from daycare saying “Ma’am, your child is sick and we need you to come pick him/her up.” The first thing on my mind and my new top priority for the week instantly became my sick child and other things that I had planned such as work deadlines and fitness goals seemed to practically fall by the waistside. But luckily, they didn’t!


I overcame the derailer of having a sick kid by remembering to take care of myself admist all of the craziness, realizing that my work plans can be put on pause for a moment, and by remembering to eat a healthy snack to keep my energy levels up while staying focused.

If you find yourself in a mommy bind and have been derailed by a sick kiddo, here are my 3 biggest tips to staying or getting back on track:

  • Take care of you, too. Yes, I know this is way easier said than done. But you can lose yourself and get burned out quite easily when you do not take at least 5 minutes to pause. The last thing that you need is for you to get sick as well. Who’s going to take care of you? Ask your spouse to switch off and go take a warm, relaxing bath.
  • Work can wait. You’ve got deadlines and are stressing out to the max, but you had to stay home with your child for a couple of days since there’s nobody else to care for them. Take a deep breath, pause, and remember that work can wait or that you can always talk to your boss about a deadline extension. Maybe even ask a co-worker to pick up some of your slack and you can return the favor in the near future.
  • Don’t forget to eat. When you are busy taking care of a sick child, it is simply easy to forget to eat because you are so overwhelmed! If you do not have time to sit down to a full meal or much less cook one, try reaching for a healthy snack. Your body needs that fuel as energy to get you through the day! I personally love snacking on my Pure Protein® Crunch  in Peanut Butter. These little crunchy bite-sized snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain 10g of protein with just 160 calories per pouch. A bonus? My toddler loves them, too!


No matter what curveball life decides to throw your way, it is always a great idea to stay prepared. How do you stay on track when a derailer strikes?

Your trainer and friend,