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Show Yourself Some Self Love with Truvaga

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Truvaga. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Although the month of February is nearly over, it is never too late to show yourself some self love and care! What if you could ease your mind, get better sleep, and feel happier within minutes? Well, you can! With only two minutes, twice a day to be exact.

Meet Truvaga-handheld vagus nerve stimulator that reduces stress. Read more below to see how it fits into my self care wellness routine!

So what is Truvaga? It is a small hand held wellness device that works alongside your body to counterbalance your fight or flight response, reducing stress, enhancing mood, focus and sleep via 2 minute long sessions. It simply reminds me of a TENS unit for your nerves, if that makes any sense.

How does Truvaga work? Truvaga’s patented energy signals penetrate the skin and underlying soft tissues to reach the vagus nerve directly, only 1.5cm beneath the skin. It’s an easy, proven way to safely and effectively stimulate the vagus nerve where it counts. Dont worry-it is super gentle and feels great. No shocks or jolts whatsoever.

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One quick thing to note about the Truvaga device is that it is not rechargeable, once all sessions are complete, the customer would need to purchase a new product. Note: it does not expire at 6 months as the battery is designed to cover 350 sessions. To use, you will apply the jelly as shown below to help with the conduction,

Step one is to find your vagus nerve. You will then fee where you feel your pulse on the side of your neck which will show you the correct spot to place your Truvaga device. Keeping the electrodes against your neck, increase the intensity (with the “+” button) until you notice a tingling sensation or a slight muscle contraction at the corner of your mouth. You should feel a tingling sensation that is strong but comfortable, this is typically felt between intensity levels 15-25.

Once you’ve found the right location and intensity level, hold Truvaga in place until it beeps twice. This indicates the end of your 2-minute session. Truvaga will automatically turn off after your session. When finished, remove Truvaga from your neck and wipe off any remaining gel on Truvaga and your neck using a soft cloth or tissue. Replace the caps, and you’ll be ready for your next session.

I personally use my Truvaga once in the morning and once at bedtime for best results. I am truly thankful for this medicine-free approach to stress-relief! As you can see, Truvaga is a win for my summer routine! Another cool thing that I love about my Truvaga, as I mentioned above, is that it comes programmed with 350 sessions, which if used twice daily will last approximately 6 months!

Ready to try Truvaga on your own? They offer free standard shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply click here to shop and get started!

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