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Should you invest in the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro?

Did you know that new parents lose an average of 109 minutes of sleep per night in the first year? Quality sleep is vital for both the cognitive development of infants and the well-being of mothers, particularly in preventing post-natal depression. To address these concerns, a new class of smart baby monitors has emerged in recent years, including the highly acclaimed Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro. This article explores the features, benefits, and considerations surrounding this innovative device.

Unveiling the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro

The Ellie Baby Monitor Pro provides a comprehensive solution for better sleep. It encompasses various components and functionalities that contribute to enhanced monitoring and improved sleep routines. Let’s delve deeper into what you get when you purchase the Ellie Baby Monitor Pro:

Ellie Baby Monitor Pro Camera: With its cute appreance that has three colors inluding pink, blue and yellow, the Ellie camera offers impressive features. It provides crystal-clear HD video, overhead perspective, and night vision capabilities. Additionally, it includes temperature and humidity tracking, cry detection,automatic lullabies, two-way audio communication, and sleep tracking functions.

Ellie Crib holder and Wall Mount: The Ellie baby monitor can be conveniently mounted on either a sleek wall mount or a crib. Both options prioritize safety by ensuring that the wires remain out of the baby’s reach.

SD card: All your generated videos and photo information will be stored in a local SD card, unlike other cloud storage options in the market. It is GDPR approved and has the added benefit of no monthly fees, which is also claimed by cloud storage.

Examining the Ellie Baby Monitor Pro 

The  Ellie Baby Monitor Pro excels in some areas more than others. Let’s analyze its key features and their effectiveness:

Camera Quality: The Ellie Baby Pro camera boasts 2.5K Ultra HD video quality, providing crystal-clear vision even at night. The ability to zoom in and inspect the baby’s condition without disturbing them ensures peace of mind for parents.

Temperature and Humidity Tracking: Monitoring the baby’s room temperature and humidity levels can be crucial for ensuring a comfortable sleep environment. The Ellie Baby Monitor Proassists in regulating these factors, helping parents maintain an ideal sleeping environment for their little ones.

Automatic Lullabies: Ellie identifies your baby’s cries at 99% accuracy. It automatically plays music to soothe your baby while sending notifications to your smartphone.

Two-Way Audio: The functionality of two-way audio communication may vary in usefulness. Although it can provide reassurance if used appropriately, it seemed unnecessary for our needs.

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

The  Ellie Baby Monitor Pro offers a reliable safety mechanism. By tracking the baby’s breathing motion using cutting-edge algorithms for head detection and facial recognition, parents can rest assured knowing that they will be alerted promptly if anything requires attention. This feature brings a sense of security, particularly during the transition from bedside to crib sleeping arrangements.

Unlocking the Power of Ellie Sleep Insights

The Ellie Baby Monitor Pro collects data on breathing patterns and movement, which it compiles into the Ellie Sleep Insights feature on the accompanying app. Here’s how Ellie Sleep Insights enhances the monitoring experience:

Video History and Highlight Reels: Ellie Sleep Insights provides access to past video footage, as well as morning and evening highlight reels. These endearing moments provide a delightful way for parents to cherish their baby’s milestones.

Sleep Quality Report: Ellie Baby Monitor Pro offers comprehensive sleep tracking data, including sleep efficiency and sleep onset time. While it’s essential not to obsess over these metrics, using them as general guidance can be helpful in understanding the baby’s sleep patterns.


Q1: My family lives in Italy, can I share the surveillance footage with them?

Yes, of course you can.

First method: You can download images or videos from the Ellie app to send to your family in Italy.

Second way: You can ask them to download the Ellie app, register an account and activate it, and you can set them up as a sub-account so they can see the video in real time. (Up to five sub-accounts can be set up)

Q2: Does the monitor provide two-way audio communication?

A: Yes, the Ellie Baby Monitor Pro enables two-way audio communication, allowing parents to soothe and communicate with their baby remotely.

Q3: Does the boundary feature work for a regular size bed or only cribs? Would love this camera for our kids but they are no longer in cribs.

A:You can absolutely use it without a crib! You could mount it on the wall or wrap it around something else that is visual of the kids.

Q4: Does the monitor offer cloud storage for recorded footage?

A: No.The Ellie Baby Monitor Pro provides SD card storage options for recorded footage, ensuring your privacy 100% protected.

About the Price

Priced at $189 including the monitor and crib holder (wall mount bracelet as a gift sometimes), the Ellie Baby Monitor Pro is positioned in the mid-to-high end of the market.

Although not within every family’s budget, the monitor’s adaptability and safety-oriented approach make it suitable even during the early schooling years, which is especially appealing to me.

For additional reassurance, the monitor is backed by a one-year warranty.

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In conclusion, the Ellie Baby Monitor Pro is a market-leading technological marvel that delivers on its promises. Its advanced features and smart sleep insights provide parents with peace of mind, ensuring their baby’s safety and well-being. While it comes at a price, the monitor’s effectiveness and unique functionalities make it a worthwhile investment. Remember, a good night’s sleep for both parents and baby is priceless. 

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