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RECARO Stroller Workout Series Part 1: Booty & Thighs

Hi ladies! I have something really fun for you all today!

This workout is part one of a two part series that revolves around using your stroller and bonding with baby. I have been a huge fan of stroller workouts for the last few years because they are so easy and practical for a new mom to do. Also, it is a great way to soothe and bond with baby if he or she won’t nap. This is a great way to “sneak” in an effective workout without having to find the time.

The stroller that I am using is the new RECARO Performance Denali Luxury System which includes an infant carseat and stroller-all in one.

The performance system features: 

  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Puncture Proof Rubber All-Terrain Wheels
  • Nap Friendly Full Flat Recline
  • Quick Compact Fold with Auto Lock
  • Sturdy, Built to Last Frame

My family and I have been a huge fan of RECARO’s carseats for years and we actually own 3! Their toddler car seats are soooo amazing, not to mention we also have RECARO seats in our Nissan GTR. The company makes performance racing seats for race cars so can you imagine how durable and safe their infant and kids carseats are? I am not sure if you guys have heard or seen the testimonials from car crash stories, but there’s a reason why RECARO is one of the best car seats ever made.

Part one of the stroller workout series consists of 5 moves that are targeted for the glutes, thighs, and legs. You may complete each move for a total of 15 reps and 3 sets. Let me know what you think by dropping a comment below! Oh, and don’t forget to watch the video tutorial below the workout for demonstration of the moves!

Stroller Workout Series Part 1: Booty & Thighs

Squat & Rolls



Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Slowly squat downward while rolling the stroller forward a couple of feet. As you raise back up from your squat, roll the stroller back inward towards your body. This completes one rep.




You can do this one of two ways: you can either lunge forward and walk such as with walking lunges and keep going or you can lunge forward with one leg while rolling the stroller forward and then lunging back to the starting position while rolling the stroller back towards your body.

Leg Lifts (back and side)



Standing straight, roll the stroller forward while lifting one leg backward as far as it will go. Hold for 1-2 seconds and lower leg back down while pulling the stroller back inward towards your body. Switch legs and repeat for one rep.



Standing upward with your hand on your hip for balance, lift your leg out to the side of your body and then lower back down. Repeat for desired amount of reps and switch sides.

Leg Scissors



Laying on a mat, prop your arms to lift your upper body while lifting your legs up into the air. Open your legs and close them as if they are a pair of scissors. Keep repeating for desired amount of reps.

Glute Bridges



Laying on your back on a yoga mat, place your feet on the foot rest of the stroller. Raise your buttocks upward and hold for 3 seconds. Bring your buttocks back down to the mat. This counts as one rep.

For a full workout video demonstration, click on the video below:

Your trainer and friend,