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Our Trip to Maui {With Two Kids}

We packed our bags and jetted to Maui 3 weeks ago and had the time of our lives. It was our second trip to this amazing island-we have started a new tradition of going each year. I have had lots of questions regarding Maui and taking the kiddos and my experience with that.

Last year, I was 9 weeks pregnant when we went for 7 days (above). Hawaii with just a toddler was not so bad at all. This time around, I went with an almost 3 year old and a 5 month old for 10 days and guess what-still was not so bad. Maui is a very relaxing and calm island and just so happens to be the island that most families choose to go to so it is super kid-friendly.

The plane trip was probably the worst thing as we had to take two 5 hour flights, but my son loved it so it was actually quite bit fun since I am getting over my fear of flying..

I have been asked: what is there to do on Maui? Short answer: LOTS.

#1: Our favorite thing, obviously, is the beach. The beaches are so different from the mainland and the sand-oh do not get me started! It is so soft and unlike anything I have ever felt. The water is beautiful and the view of the neighboring islands is just breathtaking. My toddler was super stoked because in Maui, he could run around naked and free without anyone thinking oddly of him.

We tried to make it out to the beach everyday for the 10 days we stayed in Maui. I live in Florida by the beach and it is not the same so I wanted to soak up every bit of it!

Below is a view from our favorite beach on the island. Unfortunately, I could not share more because of all the nude people! Yup, this is a nude beach and it is called Little Beach and it is a park of Makena Beach Park. No.. I did not go nude. But my son and husband sure did! It was strange seeing naked people everywhere, but after a while, you get used to it because they act like it is no big deal so you start to do the same. My favorite thing about this beach is the fact it is very secretive and not super busy. Also, you get a GREAT view of Molokini right in front of it. Also the waves are friendly even for a toddler.

#2: Luau. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau for the second year in a row. We love the show and the food so much! It is actually known as Hawaii’s (or at least Maui’s) most authentic luau. My son enjoyed watching the “pretty girls” dance and the sunset by the beach was just crazy cool.

#3. Blowhole/Heart Rock. This takes a little lots of effort to get to because you have to hike down and up rocks to get to it, but it is soooo worth seeing! We went last year to the blowhole, but could not find the heart rock-until this time! So I had to snag a few pics.

Tip: BRING GOOD SHOES. Last year we were so unprepared and hiked it in flip flops. Typical Floridians.

#4. The culture. Prior to ever going to Maui, I was always told that I should go to the Caribbean. To be honest, I am glad I didn’t. Hawaii has so much culture to it and it is so clean. The locals are nice and the food is just OMG. We walked by this guy carving wooden sculptures and he asked Greyson if he would like to carve with him. It was so sweet for him to include Greyson.


#5. The Food. I already mentioned that the food is to die for. I swear I ate pancakes for 10 days straight-no lie. We ate at some of the same places last year, but also decided to try a few new places. Here are some of our favorite places to eat. Oh yeah and Ululanis Shave Ice is the BEST.


  • The Gazebo
  • Java Jazz
  • Slappy Cakes
  • Kula Lodge


  • Monkeypod
  • Da Kitchen
  • Aloha Mixed Plate
  • Mamas Fish House
  • The Flatbread Co
  • Maui Brewing Co
  • Geste Shrimp Truck
  • Eskimo Candy
  • Fleetwoods on Front St.
  • Lahainaluna Cafe
  • Lahaina Grill
  • Cool Cat Cafe
  • CowPigBun

Sweets, coffee, and snacks:

  • Ululanis Shave Ice
  • Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop
  • Honua General Store (best Spam Masubi on the island)
  • Grandmas Coffee House

#6. The Haleakala Crater Sunrise. THIS. You have got to do this if you decided not to do anything else. Wake up at 3 am and drive all the way up to the crater on top of the mountain and watch the sunrise at 10,023 feet in the sky. Oh yeah-bring WARM clothes because its about 10-20 degrees up there. You wouldn’t think. Last year, we were unprepared and just about froze to death. This time around, I ordered North Face gloves, hats, etc. We were still cold-typical Floridians-but it was bearable.

#7. Surfing/Paddleboarding/Snorkeling. If you go to Hawaii, you have got to try one! Even just to say, “Hey I have done it.” I tried surfing and it was definitely a lot harder than it looks! Paddleboarding is easier-lots. I also had a blast snorkeling and seeing rainbow colored fish and the beautiful reefs.

If you want to bring the kiddos to Hawaii, do not fear! It is a wonderful place for families because it is so relaxing. Oh, if you go, you have got to stay at Honua Kai Resort. We had a room with a kitchen, laundry, fridge, and dishwasher and that made our lives easier with kids!

Until next year! 🙂

Your trainer and friend,