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Our Gender Reveal

Yesterday, we confirmed what our Mini Cooper #2 was.

This pregnancy has been different than my first in some ways, but still the same in a lot of ways. I know how some women just KNOW with that gut instinct what they are having. I never had this feeling with either so it always ends up a big ole’ surprise.

The baby always has a favorite position-they were totally opposite from Greyson and is always lying on their belly with their legs bunched up beneath them. This lead me to believe that this little nugget is going to be a BIG TIME snuggler.

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Alright, back to what you guys are all wanting to know. We confirmed gender yesterday and decided to announce with a little photoshoot, just as we did last time. We went back to the SAME location that we shot Greyson’s gender reveal.

I wanted to do a reveal involving Greyson, my husband, and I and I found some really cute announcement balloons online. We went to our favorite location and ended the night with a nice dinner at an upscale Mexican cantina. My day could not have been better-I seriously love my doctor and their staff so much. She is the same doctor who delivered Greyson!

After months of doing stupid old wives’ tales and wondering what is inside my little belly, we have determined that Mini Cooper #2 is a……………………………………………


Yeah I am shocked, myself! I could have sworn it was a boy because it was what I wanted.

Greyson has no idea what a sister is or what baby means, but he never fails to kiss and pat my belly as he will soon know who resides in there in just a matter of time.

I am not sure what having a little girl means or what it will bring, but I know change is good.


Grady is just as over the moon as you can expect. He will be such a wonderful father to a little girl.. I actually think he was probably made to have one.


We have not chosen any names yet, but we have a few ideas. It will probably be a minute before we decide on anything.

I know some of you might be wondering where I got my adorable tulle skirt from-isn’t it adorable??


The skirt is made by Space 46 Boutique and it is The Wendy 25″ in Blush. I have always wanted a REAL tulle skirt and a friend told me about theirs. I am so glad she did because I instantly fell in love with their hugely femimine collection so I knew this would be perfect for a gender reveal (or anytime really)! It was the perfect length too, though they do offer longer and shorter skirts. They even have one called The Carrie-yup named after Carrie Bradshaw herself!


My top was a simple grey sweater from Old Navy that was on sale and it paired perfectly with the skirt. Be sure to check out Space 46 Boutique if you are looking for something with a little femimine flair to add to your wardbrobe.


Now, let’s talk about this little dude. It feels just like yesterday when I found out he was a HE! I cannot believe how fast time flies and I just know he will make an amazing little brother.


This little gal is going to be so lucky to have such a great big brother to take care of her and to show her the way!


So, now you can all rest as you now it is a little girl.


And she says, “Hello.”

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 Gender reveal ultrasound video.

Your trainer and friend,