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Our Dolphins & Donuts Cruise In Destin Florida

I am no stranger to Destin Florida- I have lived in the area since 2010. Our white sandy beaches bring tons and tons of tourists to our area every year and its no wonder why. This summer, I decided to play tourist and take my kids on an adventure we wouldnt forget! We started on a yacht.. then a pontoon on crab island.. then a sail boat.. and then lastly a dolphin cruise.. with donuts!

Southern Star Dolphin Cruise has been around for quite sometime-I was familiar with them because I took the kids on the Buccaneer pirate cruise last year that they offer (another must do when you come to Destin with kids). That is not all though-they also offer a sunset dolphin cruise (how romantic!) and a fireworks cruise.

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What looped me in this time around were-not going to lie-the donuts!! And they were local Parlor Donuts in fact. They also offered Krispy Kreme donut holes for the littles who wanted a more plain donut. They also offered drinks on board well if needed.

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May be an image of 1 person, food and indoor

The cruise started early in the morning and my kids were so stoked to see some dolphins. The morning started off a little overcast but it was no biggie-the dolphins still came out to play with us! We boarded the boat and had our souvenir photo taken and then were left to find any place we wanted on the boat. The boat features an upper and lower level, but we chose to stand near the back (highly recommend the front though).

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Over the course of our cruise we saw around 7 dolphins and a bunch of baby SHARKS!! Ekkkkk they were so cute. But the water though-if you have never been to Destin, you truly need to visit and put Southern Star Dolphin Cruise on your bucket list as one of the best things to do in Destin, Florida.

The trip itself was around 90 minutes and at the end I was wanting more-it was SO FUN. The crew were so lovely and I could not ask for a better time. Please check them out if you are ever in the area for a fun dolphin cruise in Destin, Florida!

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