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My 4 Real Life Pregnancy Must Haves

Next week officially marks the first week of the THIRD TRIMESTER.  This is the homestretch! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by compared to my first, but I think chasing around a toddler all day long has helped to take my mind off of expecting. Before, we realize it, our little girl will be here.

This pregnancy has been great and I have been so blessed; however, it has been somewhat a little harder than the last pregnancy. There are a few things I could not have lived without and that I continue to use daily during this pregnancy. As I approach my final weeks, I will surely be taking advantage of these pregnancy must haves as much as possible!

Here are my 4 real life pregnancy must haves:

Upsie Belly

My first pregnancy lifesaver is called the Upsie Belly which helps to hold your growing belly up to decrease back and belly (especially round ligament) pains. But this is a far cry from most of the other belly bands that you see as this has been the most durable and legit one that I have found.

I literally wear this thing when I run and when I lift weights (well, especially when I run to help hold my belly OFF of my bladder so I won’t pee on myself lol. But it works!!) and when I am standing for long periods of time. As your belly grows, you will start feeling this dull-pain in your pelvic region such as if someone were punching you “down there.” Well, the Upsie Belly is a resolution for that, as well! It also helps prevent hemmorhoids, decreases stretch marks on the belly, and eases sciatic pain.

It is very comfortable and made for use even after baby since all you have to do is turn it around to wear it postpartum. It has a little pocket in it that you stuff a little gel packet in (the gel packet comes with the band). You can either freeze or heat the gel in order to give your belly some relief after giving birth making it the perfect asset for any C-section mommy. However, mommies who deliver vaginally might benefit from it postpartum as well since it helps to reduce abdominal swelling.


Thighs Disguise 

I am in LOVE with THIS. It is probably my favorite thing of all since I gain the most weight in my hips, thighs, and butt during pregnancy. The Thighs Disguise is basically shapewear for pregnancy-it not only smooths out your belly under tight dresses, pants, or other garments, but it helps to create a smoother silhouette while shaping your booty, hips, and thighs. It can also be worn as underwear to eliminate panty lines. I do not know about you, but my underwear likes to dig into my hips during pregnancy and when I am wanting to wear a cute little dress for a date night out, I do not need any pudges sticking out! Another plus is that the Thighs Disguise also prevents chafing.


BDA Leggings

I love leggings… I think I love them so much that I actually live in them most days during pregnancy! The BDA Leggings can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy and it stretches all the way over your growing bump or it can be folded down. You can wear these leggings with a short dress or with a mini skirt or you can wear them as pants. Trust me-they make the booty look fabulous and offers a bit of shaping without fitting too tight or too snug.


Flawless Belly

My last pregnancy lifesaver is called the Flawless Belly. I love wearing this when I am wearing a tighter shirt as it helps to smooth out your tummy’s appearance under clothes. This garment also offers some support to your growing belly as well as promoting the prevention of stretch marks. How so? Just apply your favorite stretch mark cream and slip it on at night while you sleep (or during the day). Not only that, if your non-maternity shirts have gotten a bit shorter, this makes for great layering on the bottom. Personally, it makes me feel snug and its oh so comfy!


What has been your pregnancy lifesaver or must have?


Your trainer and friend,