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Second Trimester Must Haves and Life Savers

As I am officially into the second trimester, I am feeling pretty much the same as I did during the second trimester of my last pregnancy.. back pain, trouble sleeping, and heart burn, OH MY!

Here are my 2nd trimester must haves that I could not live without!


  1. LeachCo Snoogle Pillow: I had heard a million great things about the Snoogle but it wasn’t until I actually took the leap and ordered one that my (pregnant) life changed forever! Oh my God. This one body pillow replaced the hoard of pillows I had to stash all around me to get comfy. This is a MUST have for sure!
  2. Luna Bars: When hunger strikes, I always grab a Luna bar. Its a snack bar that I can actually stand the taste of. I love the Lemon Zest flavor!
  3. A Pink Blush Maternity Wardbrobe: I have been a huge fan of Pink Blush Maternity ever since my first pregnancy. Their clothes are not only comfy, but they offer some cute and even some sexy options! Most of all, I love the fact that a lot of their maternity dresses can be worn AFTER pregnancy and are nursing friendly. And they are affordable and durable.
  4. The Blanqi BodyStyler: I am not sure if you guys remember me wearing this from my last pregnancy, but gosh I loved it! First of all, it was like shapewear for pregnancy, but mainly it helped to support and hold my growing belly up which felt very nice. You can check out my review of it here.
  5. TUMS: Last time my heartburn began in the 3rd trimester, but this time it is slowly creeping its way up onto me. Ick. Heart burn is no fun, but I always carry TUMS around just in case it gets bad. Besides, I love the extra benefit of Calcium, too! And they taste like candy.
  6. Tylenol: Headaches have gotten the best of me. I remember them being such a pest in my last pregnancy as well! They are a common symptom in pregnancy and usually begin during the second trimester. Luckily, Tylenol is on the safe list to use during pregnancy to treat headaches. It has become a lifesaver to me and I always have some stashed in my purse. Because who really wants to deal with chasing a toddler around while being pregnant with a headache?

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