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I Tried the HYDR-8 Collection from Vegamour & Here’s What Happened

My hair is so hard to tame at times-especially in the summer months when the humidty is crazy here in Florida. But, I finally found something that not only helped my curls stay less frizzy, but it also strengthened them! Say hello to the HYDR-8 Collection from Vegamour.

These results are from just after one week of usage. Before Vegamour, my hair tended to frizz up a lot and looked like a hot mess. After just one week of using the HYDR-8 collection, I noticed:

  • Less breakage
  • Better curls
  • Less frizz
  • More gloss
  • Softer hair

Another thing that I love about the HYDR-8 Collection by Vegamour is that IT’S CLEAN! I am SUPER picky about what goes on my hair and wont use any silicones or nasty ingrdients that could damage my hair or curls in the long run. Their products contain no silicone thank goodness. So what is the secret?

The HYDR-8 Collection is powered by Karmatin™ to revive dry, damaged hair for an unparalleled glass-like shine. Most people experienced up to 15x more hydration after just one use. 97% said hair felt more manageable and was less frizzy which I can concur!

I start off my routine with the HYDR-8 Shampoo and Conditioner Kit. I have to rave about this and say that it smells SO GOOD. I also love how the shampoo does not dry my hair out as this is a common issue I face with most shampoos for curls.

After I am done cleansing and conditioning, I use the HYDR-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask every few days as my hair is in pretty bad shape with breakage. Now I only use this once a week or as needed when my hair needs a little TLC. My hair instantly feels hydrated after one use of this stuff.

I like using the HYDR-8 Leave-In Conditioner on a daily basis when I am styling my hair. Not only does it add hydration, it makes my curls bouncy and soft without feeling as if its building up in my hair. None of Vegamour’s products are greasy or heavy by the way!

I am so thrilled to have gotten to try the new HYDR-8 collection from Vegamour. I have heard of how amazing their haircare lines were, but truly happy my curls got to experience the magic!

Your trainer and friend,