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I Tried the Bob and Brad Eye Massager and Here’s What Happened

I am so excited to partner up with Bob and Brad again! A few months ago, I got to test their massage gun which is amazing by the way. However, this time around, I got to experience their EyeOasis 2 Eye Massager… yes a massager for your EYES! I was caught off guard at first, but as someone with frequent headaches, I decided why not? I love high tech goodies that actually work.

SO what is the EyeOasis 2? It is a HEATED massager that offers compression (gentle pressure) to your eyes to help combat migraines, dry eyes, and strained or tired eyes. Who is it good for? Anyone wanting to relax, those who get headaches often, or those who are always looking at blue light from a cell phone or computer. Even those who read books a lot may benefit from this.

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Some specific features for the eye massager:

  • Built-in heating pads provide 2 heat levels with a comfortable temperature between 104℉-113℉,
  • 5 Modes 4 Intensities & Customizable Music- the music sounds like you are in a surround sound theater
  • Fast type C charging-if it is dead after work it will charge super fast so you can use it right away!
  • Quiet motor-you wont even know its running
  • 30 day money back guarantee-If you do not enjoy it, return it!
  • 24 hour online customer service

When I first put on the Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 Massager, it felt like wearing an Oculus VR set. It was soooo comfortable and it fit snugly and felt light. I was immediately caught off guard by the surround sound and the nice heat. I immediately wanted to lay down and relax. My husband has been dealing with bad migraines due to a car accident several months ago and uses this nightly-it works!! We highly recommend this to anyone.

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