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How to Speed Up Labor: Do Squats During Pregancy!

If you are pregnant and haven’t been doing your squats regularly, it is time to reconsider that! When you’re pregnant, your lower-body muscles have to work harder to help support your growing belly so it is important to keep your glutes, pelvic floor, and leg muscles stronger than ever.


Did you know that squats just might be the best prenatal exercise that you can do?

Squats during pregnancy:

  • Strengthens and builds pelvic floor muscles.
  • Opens up your hips and stretches tight muscles needed for pushing baby out.
  • Prepares your body for labor and can reduce labor time.
  • Keeps your booty toned throughout those 40 weeks.

Tips to squatting during pregnancy:

  • Most squat variations are safe-especially in the beginning of pregnancy.
  • Towards the end, if your one of the few unlucky ones who suffer from SPD or Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, try narrowing your squats and avoiding wide stanced squats.
  • As your belly grows, you may find that it gets in the way of your squats so try using a stabilizer or some type of support to hold onto as you go downward and make your way back up. If you are not having pelvic pains, a wider stanced squat could help get your belly out of the way!
  • Wall squats are wonderful for women who are further into pregnacny as the wall provides a stable support and is a constant correction for good posture.

Now, here is a fun little squat challenge that I have created for you mommies to do when nearing your due date. In reality, you should be doing squats throughout your entire pregnancy for a speedier labor & delivery, but this should help you be on your way! Not to mention, it will tone that booty for after birth!


Operation Due Date: Prenatal Squat Challenge

Directions: Begin this challenge 14 days before your due date. You may do any squat variation that you like! I personally love Sumo Squats because they really open up your hips.

Day 1: 25 Squats

Day 2: 50 Squats

Day 3: 75 Squats

Day 4: 100 Squats

Day 5: 125 Squats

Day 6: 150 Squats

Day 7: 175 Squats

Day 8: 200 Squats

Day 9: 225 Squats

Day 10: 250 Squats

Day 11: 275 Squats

Day 12: 300 Squats

Day 13: 325 Squats

Day 14: 350 Squats

CONGRATS! You did it!!

Your trainer and friend,