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How I Lost My Thigh Fat + Thigh Fat Burning Workout

When it comes to trouble areas, my thighs have always been mine. No matter how many pounds I lost, I still felt I always jiggled down there. However, it took me many years to realize how I could actually tone up and “fix” this area.

As a woman, your body naturally wants to hang onto fat and the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks are the main areas that we see this. Depending on your genetics-yes I said it-it can be hard or easy to do.

For the last 7 months, I lost 20lbs and while the fat loss was from all over, I noticed a large portion of fat disappearing from my lower half. I also noticed I had managed to get rid of most of my cellulite as well which was a bonus.

I created a Youtube video detailing how I lost the thigh fat which you can find below, but I will gladly share my tips here as well!


For diet, I cleaned up the way I was eating and this involved ditching a lot of junk food. I stopped drinking ALL alcohol and I limited gluten from my diet. I did a 23&Me test and it told me I had a gluten sensitivity a year ago, but I did not give it much thought. Once I started eliminating it, I saw a huge change in my overall body bloat and the weight came off easier.

My typical breakfasts are normally coconut flour protein waffles, eggs, or oatmeal. I love oatmeal and adding fresh fruits and cinnamon.

For lunch, I will meal prep salmon, cod, steak, chicken, or ground turkey and pair it with brown rice or quinoa, and veggies such as carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato, and cauliflower.

For dinner, I usually eat Hellofresh 4 nights a week or I will go out to eat and just enjoy. I do not really believe in cheat meals and when I want something, I will eat it in moderation.


For my workouts, I use my own Strong Body Guide: 12 week home workout plan. My workouts included 5 days a week: 2 lower body days, 2 upper body days, and one ab day in additon to my yoga classes. I spent 20 minutes completing my SBG strength training workouts followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio on my incline trainer going at 3mph and 15% incline. Since I have now reached my goal weight, I have decided to cut my cardio down to just 3 days a week now to focus more on weights and gaining more muscle!


For this thigh thinning workout, you will have 6 moves to complete. You will perform each move for 15 reps followed by 3 sets each.

The moves are:

  • Kneeling Leg Lifts
  • Lunge + Knee Up
  • Squat + Leg Lift
  • Standing Leg Lift
  • Scissors
  • Bridge Leg Lift

If you need more guidance or help along the way, checkout my Strong Body Guide: 12 Week home workout guide and join our private support group with thousands of other ladies.

Your trainer and friend,