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Here’s Why You Need a Weighted Training Vest to Boost Your Workouts

My goal for the New Year was to level up on my home workouts and to try new things. Lately, I have been taking my home workouts to the next level with my Wolf Tactical Weighted Training Vest. What sets their weighted vests apart from other companies is not only the high quality materials, but also the level of COMFORT of the vest itself. I have tested a few over the course of my career as a personal trainer and I promise you that some are just not fun to wear.

The Wolf Tactical Weighted Training Vest includes:

  • 25lbs of weight featuring 12 bars weighing 2lbs each that you can add to or remove from the vest. A 35lb vest option is available as well. The weights do not make the vest bulky like some others!
  • Extreme comfort and range of motion. Features ultra-cushioned shoulder pads to reduce fatigue and provide a snug but comfortable fit. Oversized airflow panels allows for optimal breathability. The vest’s streamlined, chest-length design gives you superior range of motion while working out.
  • Premium heavy duty materials. This heavy duty vest is constructed with premium 600D nylon material that holds up to sweat and dirt, extreme tactical training, and intense workouts.
  • Quick release buckle. A quick release buckle on the chest strap allows for fast in-and-out of your vest. Add morale patches on the front and back loop panels to customize your training vest.

Why use a weighted vest to workout? Here’s why I love mine!

  • builds overall body strength and endurance
  • helps to incease bone strength density
  • increases resistance
  • improves balance and posture
  • Assists with weightloss
  • Cardio benefits

When to wear a weighted vest? Here are some ideas!

  • Walking on treadmill or outdoors
  • Stair climbing
  • Household chores such as mowing, gardening, or washing the car
  • Stationary exercises such as squats, lunges, and more.

Overall, I personally love this vest for everyday things. Yes you can totally use it while training at the gym! But I love the fact that I can use it at home to take the place or bulky gym equipment such as dumbbells or barbells. And you can travel with it and take it with you on trips if you want to get a little weighted action in. I personally use mine the most while I walk my dogs because I strap it on and don’t even have to think about it! It helps me to burn more calories while doing everyday things. This is why ANYONE can benefit from a tactical training weighted vest.

Wolf Tactical also provides tactical backpacks, EDC belts, gloves, pouches and they are USA based which is always a good thing! They also make baby carriers (which we will need VERY soon as my husband and I are planning on starting a family next month) and tactical dog gear with collars and leashes.

Checkout Wolf Tactical and grab a vest for you or your loved one as well as some other cute accessories-even for your furry friend!

Your trainer and friend,