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Getting Back in Shape After Baby

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Having a child is an undeniably joyful experience. That said, the weeks after giving birth can be more than a little hectic. Trying to find a way to get back in shape while also tending to your new baby’s needs may seem like a challenge.

It doesn’t have to. By keeping the following tips in mind, you’ll be able to look as good as – if not better than – your pre-pregnancy body, while still handling all the tasks being a new parent involves.

Let Your Body Recover

Delivering a baby (through any means) puts the body through a lot of stress. Thus, you need at least six to eight weeks to recover. Use this time to focus on your new child. Trying to get back in shape right away will simply put your body through more stress at a time when it truly needs rest.

If you have an upcoming event that you want to look your best for, consider wearing shapewear underneath your garment. This is an easy and safe way to get your desired silhouette without risking your health. With shapewear, you can gently smooth out your silhouette and look slimmer so you feel more confident and comfortable while looking better than ever.

Take It Slow

Don’t start exercising again until your doctor gives you permission to do so. Once they do, start slow, focusing on easy workouts to rebuild your strength. Even if you were a runner before getting pregnant, it’s best to start with brisk walks before signing up for another 5k.


Did you know that breastfeeding can help you burn approximately 500 extra calories (and sometimes more) a day? It’s a simple way to drop a few pounds after having a baby. That said, you also need to make sure you’re eating more to avoid a major calorie deficit. As you stop breastfeeding, adjust your diet and fitness plan accordingly.


Getting enough sleep is essential for a new mother. That’s why medical experts recommend expressing your needs to everyone who may place additional demands on you during this time. That includes your spouse, boss, and any other children you may have. Letting them know how they can help with certain responsibilities will give you more opportunities to sleep, making it easier for your body to recuperate.

Change Your Diet

The way you ate during pregnancy shouldn’t continue to define your diet after you have a child. Remember to focus on having small meals throughout the day. Don’t neglect the importance of breakfast, eat enough protein to limit hunger, and add fiber to your diet to help you fill up without consuming more calories than you need.

Add Exercises Slowly

It’s easier to get back into a fitness routine if you gradually incorporate different types of exercises. To rebuild your core strength, start with planks. Restore flexibility next with yoga, then add some cardio. Weight-lifting and other resistance exercises should be added back into your routine last.

Remember, this is a process. Don’t expect to get back in shape overnight. By taking it slow and coordinating with your doctor, you’ll get fit at a natural, safe pace.

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