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Gender Prediction: 7 Old Wive’s Tales Put to the Test!

Ever wondered which old wives’ tales worked during pregnancy? Now that I know the gender of my baby, I am so happy to debunk some of the most popular tales! We found out a few days ago that we are having a precious little girl, due in May. w

Trying to guess your baby’s gender early is something that has been done time and time again, but some say that there are certain ways to know for sure-even before your gender confirmation ultrasound!

So… are you ready to see what is a myth and what actually works? Let’s find out!

1-Baking Soda Test


What to do: Pee in one cup and pour a 3 tablespoons in a separate cup. Pour your urine into the cup with the baking soda. If it fizzes, it’s a boy. If there’s no fizzle-it is a girl.

Reasoning behind it: I did a lot of reading up on this old wive’s tale and they say that what you eat really depends on how the test works out. Very acidic foods such as fruits and veggies tend to make your pee not fizz while eating more foods such as meats and cheeses make your pee fizz in the baking soda test. When you are pregnant with a girl, you tend to want to eat sweets and fruits. When you are pregnant with a boy, you mainly want meat. This was true in my first pregnancy, but of course every lady and pregnancy is different!

Result: First time based off of how I had been eating… GIRL. Second time around after I ate a lot of meat the following days prior… BOY.. I would the verdict is girl since I didn’t change my way of eating to alter the test results.

2- The Wedding Ring Test



What to do: Attach the mom-to-be’s wedding ring to a thread and have the mom lie on her back. Dangle the thread over the expectant mother’s belly and allow the string to move without interfering with the motion. If the ring moves in a back-and-forth motion pendulum motion, the test indicates that the baby is a boy. If the ring moves in a circular motion, the test indicates that the baby is a girl.

Reasoning behind it: None that I could find.

Result: Sometimes it would swing in a circle… then sometimes it would go back and forth. This one is so dumb because it means nothing and is all in a matter of how well you hold the string still. I decided to hold the string and allow it to stop moving and then let is sway on its on.. it went back and forth instead of a circl. Verdict is… Girl.

3. Chinese Calendar


What to do: Legend states that the Chinese gender chart is over 90% accurate when used properly. This method was once considered as superstition in the western world, but is now widely used in many countries. The baby gender predictor is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. First, the mother’s age must be converted to the proper format. With this information and the Chinese month of conception, the calendar can determine whether a boy or girl is expected. Since it is easier, simpler and cheaper to use than ultrasound, the Chinese gender chart is still used today to help determine the optimal date to give birth to a boy or girl. However, most often this chart is for entertainment purposes only.

Reasoning behind it: None found

Result: GIRL…. this was also right with my son as well.

4-Acne Test


What to do: Check your face, back, and chest for abnormally large amounts of acne. They say little girls tend to steal their mother’s beauty leaving them with a lot of acne, particularly on the face and chin.

Reasoning behind it: There’s no science to it, but some say the high levels of Estrogen and female hormones tend to ramp up the acne.

Result: GIRL.. I had flawless skin with my boy, but I did break out in the first 2 weeks of conception with him-right before I found out I was pregnant.


What to do: If you are feeling completely nauseated or vomit often, you are having a girl. If you do not feel quite so sick, you are having a boy. I was never sick with my son, but at the beginning of this pregnancy, I only got queasy if I went too long with out eating ameal. Overall, nausea was fine and I never vomitted. Though there was a difference in my pregnancies, I would not go all out and say I was nauseous.

Reasoning behind it: They say hormones are to blame, but sex has no effect on nausea as little boys can make their mommies sick as well.

The verdict: BOY

6-Food Cravings

What to do: If you are craving foods such as meats, cheese, etc, you are said to be having a boy. If you crave sweet foods, citrus, fruits, and salad, you are said to be having a girl. Though most of my cravings were the same as with my son, at the beginning I had a HUGE meat aversion which was weird and I do crave a few more sweets with this pregnancy than my last.

Reasoning behind it: Cravings of all kinds are extremely common in expecting mothers; although the complete reason is unknown, doctors think it has to do with hormonal changes or the physical needs of both mommy and the baby.

The verdict: Girl

7-Mayan System


What to do: Legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy. I was 26 at the time of conception and the baby was conceived in year 2015.

The verdict: BOY

Final Results


Boy: II

One last note: these old wives tales mean nothing! They are just for fun and a coincidence if it happens to be true for you. After all, it’s got a 50/50 chance of being right anyway. So try not to focus on it too much and just wait until your ultrasound!

Your trainer and friend,