Diary of a Fit mommy

Keeping Fit at Home with the Future App

I have always worked out from home. I love how convenient home workouts truly are-especially as a work-from-home mother. As a personal trainer, all of the workouts that I share are home based. With COVID bombarding us last year, people cancelled their gym memberships and some never even looked back-thanks to the internet and workout apps! I discovered a workout app that I personally got to try-and fell in love with-that I wanted to share with you all. It is called Future.

What is Future? It is a 1:1 coaching app where you get to speak to a real (YES REAL!) personal training coach to develop a workout routine that best suits your own schedule. Despite developing an app the last year for my own brand, I have never used a workout app before.. until now. Boy, I was blown away! Over the past 2 years of dealing with a neverending divorce, I let myself go and I promised myself that I would get back to it-starting with this! I knew I needed motivation and a coach to help get me there.

When you sign up for the app, you get to choose a coach. These aren’t just normal people-they are highly certified. over 80% of Future coaches have trained pro, collegiate or Olympic athletes; 95%+ have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science with the majority also having a masters degree. They are the real deal!

I chose Aly (highly recommend her) because something about her seemed highly energetic and fun! We scheduled a Facetime call to talk about my goals, how to use the app, and of course to gather some basic info so she could create my workouts around all of that for me. She asked me what my fitness level was like, any injuries, what gym equipment I had at home, and what moves I like to do.

The following Sunday, I had my workouts for the week lined up for me and what was nice is that I got to see the overview of them. If I did not like anything, I requested changes. My coach even made changes for me the day of. For example, I decided to go to a local CrossFit class one day. My coach realized this and made my Future workout a bit lighter. We chat every day almost via the app’s easy chat feature to hold me accountable and it has been so motivating!

The app works hand in hand with an Apple watch. If you do not own one, they can provide one at NO cost to borrow for the entire time you use the app. Cool, right? By using my Apple watch, it helps keep me consistent-not to mention my coach keeping in touch with me on a daily basis! It’s proven that the average user doubles their weekly workouts when motivated by a high-touch relationship with their coach through texting. I have never closed THIS many rings in my watch before!

You can view your daily workout at a glance to see the moves all at once, which I love! Here is an overview of a sample workout:

You also have the option to view your workouts at a week’s glance which is also helpful!

What I love most about the Future app besides being in touch with my coach often is the fact that it is so flexible and fun. You can use the app in a gym OR at home. Also, as I mentioned above, your coach can change your workouts to best suit your needs or life’s hiccups. For example, I went to a Crossfit class one day and she changed my workout in the app to something light and short. Also, I visited Kansas and she created a couple of bodyweight workouts since I would not have any gym equipment! No workouts are the same so it changes constantly. Plus, your coach will always include moves that you love doing.

Here are a few samples of the workouts that I have completed:

When you complete each workout, you will get a summary of how your workout went, which I love! You will get the time, calories burned, and a graph of your heart rate (which is why having an Apple watch with this app is so important!).

You will also have the option to rate your workout to give your coach some feedback on how you did. By using this feedback, they can adjust your workouts to better suit you! It also tracks your recent activity to keep you motivated.

Some other cool feature of the Future app are unlocking achievements, selecting a playlist during a workout, and simply choosing an activity within the app to complete. This app also tracks non-app workouts as well!

As a personal trainer, I highly recommend the Future app. Future costs $149 a month. That’s about the cost of a single in-person session with a private trainer-a great value! Try it out risk-free: cancel anytime within the first month for a full refund. You can always switch coaches or even cancel later, too, with zero fees or penalties. However, when you click this link, you will get your first month of Future app for just $19. Try it now!

Your trainer and friend,