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First Trimester To-Do List

Congrats! You are newly pregnant. Your mind is probably filled with so much excitement that you aren’t even thinking about everything that you must do.

No worries! As I am on my second pregnancy, I am so excited to share with you my personal to-do list of things you must do during the first trimester. Use this list to help keep you on track and, for the most part, sane!

First Trimester Checklist

  1. Find a doctor, call, and make your appointment. The first thing you will want to do is to find the right doctor to care for your pregnancy and to deliver your baby. This can be a chore for some, but it did not take me long as I went by word of mouth to find my amazing doctor. Call and make your appointment as soon as you find out you are pregnant because you will need a blood test to confirm your pregnancy and get an ultrasound to make sure everything is measuring well.
  2. Take a prenatal vitamin. Your doctor will most likely write you a prescription for this, but most over the counter prenatal vitamins are just fine! It is important to find a multi with plenty of folic acid and DHA which are crucial to baby’s organ and nervous system developement. Feeling nauseated and cannot swallow pills? Try a gummy prenatal vitamin!
  3. Announce when you are ready. The right time is different for everyone. I personally announced at barely 5 weeks along. Why? Because if it did not work out, I still wanted to acknowledge that this baby once lived and was here on the Earth. However, most couples wait until the 12th week mark since this is the week that dramatically lessens the percentage of miscarriages since most important organs are developed and beginning to function. Announce when you feel like it. To me, the sooner the better because you might need that support network!
  4. Get into a regular exercise routine. If you weren’t a marathon runner before pregnancy, now is not the time to think about becoming one. Instead, opt for a low impact prenatal workout that can be done 4-5 days per week. You also want to make sure you get around 20 minutes of cardio per day to ease your soon to be achy back and muscles. Prenatal yoga also works wonders because you are going to want to loosen those tight hips for labor!
  5. Get rid of any bad habits. If you were a drinker or smoker prior to conceiving, now is the time when you are going to want to quit for good. If there are any bad habits that you had, you must not carry them on into pregnancy for fears that your baby could negatively be affected. This can also include an unhealthy diet loaded with junk food, too!
  6. Make a budget. It is never too early to start budgeting. Babies will and can cost you a lot of money throughout the time they reside in your household. But to prepare for arrival, there will be some new expenses you must prepare yourself for such as diapers, formula, medication, etc.

No matter what, go with the flow and try to stay relaxed. Pregnancy is not the time to stress! Use this checklist to the best of your ability and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!



Your trainer and friend,