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First Trimester Must Have’s & Lifesavers

Though I am barely halfway into my first trimester (I turn 7 weeks tomorrow!), this is my second go around into pregnancy and things are seeming like quite the same (though I am way more exhausted-probably due to breastfeeding).

I have been asked what items I have loved or needed the most during this trimester so I thought I would share with you my personal lifesavers that every gal should have handy for the first tri!


  1. Prenatal vitamins are a must have no matter WHO you are or how healthy you may already be. As your baby grows, he or she will take all of your vital nutrients to use and it may leave you feeling a bit totally exhausted. I personally use Prenate which is something that a prescription is needed for from a doctor, but there are tons of great vitamins over the counter that you can take! Some ladies prefer the gummies because swallowing pills during this time can make them nauseated. Make sure you choose extra folic acid to make sure your baby’s neural tube forms properly. I personally LOVE this brand!
  2. As your pregnancy grows, so does your breasts! They hurt as well so they will need some good support meaning a damn good sports bra. I love anything from Moving Comfort as they make some great bras for well-endowed women. Make sure its not to tight as your breasts are only going to be bigger from here on out. Stretchy bras are great as long as they support you! I personally love the Fiona bra!
  3. Bio Oil works wonders-no wonder why Kim Kardashian used it during both of her pregnancies. You can grab this at any grocery store or pharmacy at around $12-$20, depending on which size you get. Yes, a bit costly, but worth the money as it can be used on old scars as well.
  4. Yoga or comfy pants are a must. You won’t absolutely NEED them during the first tri, but you will feel SUPER bloated so they will be much appreciated. Trust me.
  5. Goldfish saved my life during the first trimester. I never got too nauseated, but when I felt a little woozy, I ate a few of my son’s crackers and felt much better. I don’t do plain saltines with no flavor! Yeah, Goldish is not healthy, but wouldn’t you rather feel better for a second?
  6. Snack right and aim for protein such as Greek Yogurt. I personally love Fage yogurt because, well, its REAL greek yogurt. Nowadays, you have all of these companies putting out their own version of a Greek yogurt, but the thing is…. its not real. True Greek yogurt is very thick with a slightly sour taste (unless its flavored). It fills me up a whole lot faster than regular yogurt does and I usually eat some with honey as a bedtime snack!
  7. Hydration is super important-especially if you are puking. Try carrying a BPA-free reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Camelbak water bottles are amazing and they don’t spill!
  8. The Sprout Pregnancy app is so cool. I would recommend this app to any new mommy as it shows a 3D view of your baby each week, lists the primary changes occuring, and shows the rapid growth. I used the free version with my last pregnancy, but I went ahead and paid the $3.99 for the premium version this time around!
  9. Don’t forget weight training, ladies! If you were lifting weights before pregnancy, guess what? You still can-as long as you listen to your body and perform to your ability (not over-exceeding yourself). I am still doing my dumbbell curls and barbell squats, 5 days a week! I love this dumbbell set to start with!

What would you add to the list?

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