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Breastfeeding During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Did you know that you could continue breastfeeding throughout pregnancy? I didn’t either… until I first became a mother. I had always heard the topic come up from time to time and heard of women doing it, but I had never experienced it for myself… until we decided to try for baby #2.

To be honest, I had lots of questions. I had heard rumors that breastfeeding during pregnancy could bring on an early labor or risk miscarriage. But, as soon as I got the facts, I was relieved to know that breastfeeding is safe for most pregnant women.

So, who shouldn’t breastfeed during pregnancy? Women who have medical issues, on bedrest, or who are prone to early labors should not continue breastfeeding. Nursing does cause contractions of the uterus, however these contractions are comparable to the contractions caused by sexual arousal, orgasm, or any nipple stimulation. If you do notice any contractions during your pregnancy, however big or small, you should immediately contact your health care provider.

If you are still concerned over safety of breastfeeding during pregnancy, read this amazing article from Kelly Mom!

Does breastfeeding during pregnancy hurt? I won’t lie. With my nipples being sore from the hormonal changes that pregnancy brings, breastfeeding can be quite the test! It does hurt, but it gets better.

Will my colostrum come in on time for my newborn? Absolutely. Ladies, our bodies are so smart! I had actually heard of some women who reserved one breast for their toddler and one for their newborn. One breast had learned to produce milk and the other produced colustrum for the newborn.

Will I need more calories while breastfeeding during pregnancy? Yes! And to be honest, you will feel more tired than usual. Think about it-your body is using up all of this energy (calories) to create a new baby while you are busy feeding another baby at the same time. If you feel yourself starving all of the time or feeling weak, try increasing your caloric intake up to 300 calories to begin with and see how you feel. Don’t deny yourself a (nutritious) snack!

Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding? Yes, you most certainly can, but it is usually not too terribly common within the first 6 months of the postpartum period because you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby. Many women know that breastfeeding is the nature’s birth control because it tells your body that its already caring for a baby so there’s no need to make another one. BUT, do not rely on this because you can get pregnant at any time due to the slightest changes in your baby’s feeding pattern or your hormonal changes.

Will pregnancy hurt my milk supply? Yes.. To an extent. This usually happens around the 20th week of pregnancy when your hormones peak. (Thanks, Progesterone!) If your baby is not eating solids at this point, you might have to supplement with formula.


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